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The GSP vs. Anderson Silva Superfight is Coming – SportsUntapped.com
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Added August 31st, 2011 by Matt

The GSP vs. Anderson Silva Superfight is Coming
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Two of the most anticipated MMA fights both involve Georges St. Pierre. The first is his matchup against Nick Diaz at UFC 137, where GSP will try to defend his UFC welterweight title. If he wins that bout, you’d have to think that Dana White will give the fans what they have long been pining for: the Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva superfight.

It will be a battle between two of the all-time greats in the sport, and it would undoubtedly become the highest selling UFC pay-per-view of all-time. Are we talking Ali vs. Frazier, that kind of epicness? I think we are.

Hendo vs. Fedor was huge. It was two legends finally meeting in the cage. But Hendo is 40 and Fedor has clearly seen better days. It would have been one of the greatest fights ever — if it happened 6-10 years ago. Now people are just glad they saw it happen. But no one will talk about it much, at least in terms of it being a legendary fight.

But GSP vs. Silva would be one of those bouts. Both fighters are in their prime, even if Silva is a bit older now. He still dispenses of every opponent with ease and does it in epic fashion.

GSP is probably the most well-conditioned fighter in the history of the sport. There’s a reason his MMA training DVD is among the best sellers. He’s got the body of an Adonis and he has his workout and nutrition down to a science.

So who would win? Silva is certainly the more dynamic striker. But GSP is an excellent boxer, and has demonstrated that he uses his jab to set up combinations with precision. Silva is a BJJ black belt, but you get the sense that if it got to the ground, GSP would be able to hold him there and do damage, much like Sonnen did to Silva.

I don’t know who would win. I just want to see it. If GSP beats Diaz, we all have a nice UFC gift to look forward to in 2012. Prepare yourselves…the GSP/Silva fight is coming.

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