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The Federer-era is over

Or is it? Many have said and written these things before, when he had that lousy mono-season in 2008 where he “only” won one slam and reached two finals and one semi-final (this would of course have been an amazing season for anyone besides Federer and perhaps Nadal), so one can never be sure. Federer is still Federer and can beat anyone anytime and maybe next year he wins all the slams, who knows?

But one thing is sure, he was very, very disappointed with his performance this year and it was a bit disheartening to see him blame it on injuries:  “I was just not playing well enough. And when he had to, he was able to come up with some good stuff, you know. But I definitely gave away this match, I feel.” It would probably have been more generous to say that Berdych played really well and let the rumours about injuries start by itself. But the ever classy Federer let frustration take over this time and that made him look like a sore loser.

I don’t think Federer will go away and never win a slam again. But I think it is already quite clear that wins doesn’t come as easy for him and I find it hard to see him winning more than one slam a year. Maybe he will be back to take US Open? Although I think the dent in his confidence will make it tough for him. The young guys are coming at him and they are not afraid anymore becuase they know they can win. How will he fare against an onslaught of Djokovic, Berdych, Isner, Nadal, Soderling, Querrey and many other talented players that seem have taken that extra step now? Only time and Federer can show us.

Berdych will play Djokovic in the semi-final after the Serb blasted a tired Lu off the court in three straight sets. Having a pretty solid head to head history I think Djokovic will be in the final to face…

Nadal. Nadal is not looking as strong as 2008, but it seems just enough to see him through. Soderling couldn’t return as well as he wanted yesterday and despite winning the first set easily and getting to a tiebreak in the third, Nadal seemed to be too strong for him. It is a shame for the mighty Sod who have had an amazing season so far, but is yet to cap it off with a big win in a tournament.

Nadal will now play Murray in the other semi-final after the Scot confidently dispatched Tsonga in four sets, where the two final sets looked very easy for Murray. With the crowd on his side Murray will be a big threat for Nadal. But there is a reason why Nadal is number one, he is an expert in dealing with this kind of pressure.

So the final is Nadal vs Djokovic where Nadal will win his second Wimbledon. On a side note, no matter what happens in the semis, Djokovic will overtake Federer as number two in the World. A sad day for all the Fed fans out there, seeing their hero in a very awkward third place on the rankings.

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  1. Arun Kumar Gupta says:

    Dear Sir

    When you least expect something then the unexpected things happen. So don’t Finnish off Fedderer so early. Nadal’s knee is suspect and any time it may give away.
    The problem in Nadal’s knee is of recuring type. Know body knows when it will relapse. It is a kind of arthritis. So don’t put your all the eggs on nadal. More over his game is very physical. So the chances of his lasting at top gear for another four years is remote.


    Arun Kr. Gupta

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