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The 15 HighestPaid NFL Players in 2010 Will Probably Surprise You – SportsUntapped.com
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The 15 Highest-Paid NFL Players in 2010 Will Probably Surprise You
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Fifteen NFL players made it onto Sports Illustrated’s Fortunate 50 list of the highest-paid American athletes, and they’re a pretty weird group.  There’s two brothers near the top, two Redskins, four second-year guys with weird contracts, six quarterbacks and eight guys who didn’t make the playoffs in 2009.  Peyton Manning is the highest-paid NFL player, but his total earnings rank only 17th among the world’s highest-paid athletes and 9th among American athletes.

The athletes who made more than Peyton Manning include four NBA players, three MLB players, three soccer players, two golfers, two boxers, a tennis player, and a race car driver.


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Peyton Manning is also making more than twice as much in endorsements as any other NFL player — his $15 million in estimated 2010 endorsement money is nearly half his $30.8 million in total earnings.  Peyton’s brother Eli and Brett Favre both will make $7 million from endorsements in 2010 — and are the only other NFL players on the Fortunate 50 list who get over $1 million from endorsements.  Only three other NFL players on the list make even $500,000 from endorsements.

Here’s the NFL’s Top 15 (if you didn’t follow the 2009 Draft real close, you might not have even heard of some of these guys):

  1. QB Peyton Manning, Colts $30.8 million total earnings (9th among US athletes, $15.8m salary/$15m endorsements)
  2. QB Matthew Stafford, Lions $27.6m (11, $26.9m/$0.7m)
  3. QB Eli Manning, Giants $26.5m (T13, $19.5m/$7m)
  4. QB Philip Rivers, Chargers $25.8m (17, $25.6m/$0.2m)
  5. LB Terrell Suggs, Ravens $24.9m (19, $24.9m/$0.0m)
  6. DL Albert Haynesworth, Redskins $24.6m (20, $24.6m/$0.1m)
  7. QB Brett Favre, Vikings $24m (21, $17m/$7m)
  8. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Raiders $21.5m (28, $21.4m/$0.0m)
  9. RT Jason Smith, Rams $20.6m (33, $20.5m/$0.0m)
  10. DE Julius Peppers, Bears $20m (36, $20m/$0.0m)
  11. NT Vince Wilfork, Patriots $18.9m (38, $18.9m/$0.0m)
  12. CB DeAngelo Hall, Redskins $18.5m (40, $18.5m/$0.0m)
  13. DE Tyson Jackson, Chiefs $18.1m (42, $18.1m/$0.0m)
  14. QB Mark Sanchez, Jets $16.9m (48, $16.4m/$0.5m)
  15. LB DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys $16.8m (49, $16m/$0.8m)

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8 Responses to “The 15 Highest-Paid NFL Players in 2010 Will Probably Surprise You”

  1. Chris Estes says:

    Let me see it I have this right; Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers, Brett Favre, and Mark Sanchez each make more at the QB position than Drew Brees? Wow!

  2. Win says:

    You need to update this now that Tom Bradey made his deal. 72 Million over 4 years is 18 Million a year which would put him at #1 over Peyton (endorsements not included).

  3. Chalk says:

    The list is based on what players make as their salary in 2010 — its their actual salaries for 2010, not their average annual salaries for their whole contracts. Also, Brady’s new deal doesn’t kick in until 2011 — in 2010, he’s still making like $6.5 million.

  4. Alexander says:

    When peyton gets his new contract at the end of thise season, he will be the most played player in all of sport.

  5. jamaul cannady says:

    man peyton that man all of yall thats hatin on him let it go he is the best thats then played game FACE IT

  6. Nicholas walker says:

    Peyton manning is the best that ever played then why does tom brady have 3/4 the qb records? Yeah peyton isnt really that good.

  7. Tony says:

    This means that Michael Vick will be paaid about $23m next season as a franchise player… That’s awesome dude..

  8. Kim says:

    Please, dudes, Brett Favre is the best! Check out the records…

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