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Tennis Betting

Tennis is a fun sport to bet on, as long as you bet with your head instead of your heart. It’s easy to bet on your favorite player, but if he’s not feeling 100% or playing his/her best, any player is susceptible to a loss.

Part of what makes tennis betting fun is that there are fewer variables that can come into play versus a team sport. In team sports, it’s hard to predict that a sub will come in and score the winning goal or hit a winning home run. Fewer players means fewer variables to account for. In individual sports like tennis, it is about likelihoods – not an overall team performance. To beat the sportsbooks at tennis betting, your job is to find all of the likelihoods within a match.

Smart tennis punters do their homework to find out who plays best on each court surface, against lefties or righties, against specific opponents etc.. Even after you’ve done the homework and picked a solid bet, the match itself can play out in a way that nobody imagined.

This makes tennis betting very challenging, and sometimes frustrating. However, punters who know what they’re doing can find some profitable matches to bet on. Instead of betting on every match being played, you should only be looking for value. If there aren’t any bets that look attractive to you today, don’t bet today. Don’t force it by taking bets you don’t feel strongly about. Hold onto your money and save it for another day.

Profitable Tennis Betting

Online bookmakers tend to put less resources into their tennis odds than some other, more popular sports like soccer or American football. This provides opportunities for smart bettors – especially in the earlier rounds of a tournament.

In the early rounds when lots of matches are being played, most online sportsbooks are spread thin for research. As the tournament gets closer to the end, more time & energy are put into predicting the results. This means that the best time to make money is in the early rounds.

In early rounds, lesser known players are still in the tournament. If you find a young up and coming player who plays great on grass, he might be a good bet for the early rounds of a grass court tournament.

Spend as much time looking for losers as you do looking for winners. In an individual sport, it’s often a good idea to look for players you think will lose early. If a certain player is bad on a specific court surface, against lefties, or isn’t feeling 100%, you might be able to find good value betting against them. Of course you have to take all of the information into consideration, but look for players who stand out as having a good chance to lose as much as those who have a good chance to win.

How & What to Research For Tennis Betting

In tennis, every bit of information you can gather will help you. While any individual match can have an unexpected outcome, those who bet a lot and research a lot will accrue more wins and profits over the long-term. The question is, what do you need to research?

Current Player Stats

Pay less attention to what a player has done in previous years, and more attention to recent tournaments. As an individual sport, players who are hot are usually hot for a reason. It may be a new coach who’s helped them improve their clay court game or helped develop their fitness. It may be that a player is a young, up and comer who’s time has come. It might be that he/she has a renewed dedication to the game, or a lack of injuries that plagued them in previous seasons.

Whatever the reasons, tennis players tend to be streaky. Follow those streaks and use them to your advantage. Likewise, look to bet against players who are out of form in recent tournaments.

Court Surface

People who are familiar with tennis understand how important the court surface is when it comes to betting. Some players are much better on one surface than another, and there are many reasons for it. Court surfaces effect serves differently, and the speed of the game from one surface to another makes a big impact as well. Check each players stats to see how they play on different surfaces, then compare those stats to their opponents.

Head to Head

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. It’s not uncommon to find a player ranked 25th who flat out owns a higher ranked player. Don’t let the rankings fool you, dig deeper and see how these opponents have matched up against each other in the past. If one player has an 11-3 head to head advantage over his opponent (and he’s playing well right now), it’s very likely he’ll beat that opponent again. Remember, tennis betting is about the likelihood of something happening.

Current News

Once again, as an individual sport, the little things matter. If a players wife just filed for divorce, he’s not likely to play well this week. If his brother passed away recently, he may not have practiced much lately. If a player was arrested last night for hitting a paparazzi over the head, his focus will likely be less than normal.

There are an infinite number of things that could effect a players focus, fitness, or confidence. A good way to track these types of things is to see if the player has a Twitter account. Most of the top players have Twitter accounts now, and something as little as ‘not a great practice session today’ can give insight to what is going on with a player right now.


Once again, the little things matter. Player fitness levels have an impact, especially when it’s particularly hot. If a player is out of shape, the heat is going to effect them more adversely than a fitter player. If you’re planning on taking a less fit player over someone in much better shape, check the weather reports before placing your bet.

Best Tennis Betting Bookmakers

1/ – One of the most respected online sportsbooks, offers betting on all major ATP & WTA tournaments, and many of the smaller events as well. Plenty of betting options are available, including matchups and straight tournament winners.

We love the security of this room, along with lots of simple deposit methods. Customer service at is possibly the best in the industry as well. Tennis betting limits range from $5 – $20,000.

2/ Diamond Sportsbook (DSI) – Partner of, Diamond Sportsbook offers a lot of options for betting on tennis, and typically good odds. Most ATP, WTA and Grand Slam tournaments are available for betting at the Diamond Sportsbook.

As a partner of, the security and reputation of this bookmaker is strong. Plenty of good deposit options are available, especially for non-US bettors. Tennis betting limits range from $5 – $5,000.

3/ Bodog Sportsbook – The largest online gaming company, Bodog has a great reputation in the industry. They don’t offer the sheer volume of tennis betting options that the sportsbooks listed above offer, but they do offer all of the standard types of bets.

The minimum tennis bet at Bodog is $1, and the maximum is $5000. Visa credit/debit card as well as several online wallets are available for deposits. For non-US bettors, credit cards, Neteller, bank wire, echecks, and many other deposit methods can be used.

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