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Tennessee Fans Mildly Upset, Riot After Lane Kiffin Resignation [Video]

There seems to have been a small riot outside the University of Tennessee football complex Tuesday night after Lane Kiffin resigned as Vols head coach to take the cushier USC job.

A dick move, but does it deserve a riotous response? I mean really, a SWAT team with tear gas? Fire trucks to extinguish burning mattresses? An unruly mob screaming “%$&! you, Kiffin!” at the top of their lungs? Calm down guys, you’re starting to make Kiffin look like the classy one here.

But Volunteers fans do have a right to be pissed. They can’t seem to keep a coach around longer than one year recently. Players are just as upset, as linebacker LaMarcus Thompson explained to reporters after Kiffin’s impromptu press conference:

“Three coaches in three years? Unbelievable man. Unbelievable.”

Defensive end Ben Martin said he and a few other players walked out of the room before Kiffin was even through with his speech.

“I just couldn’t sit through it,” he said.

Kiffin’s track record isn’t that great, so Tennessee students, players and fans could benefit from a little change in perspective. He went 5-15 with the Raiders and then 7-6 with Tennessee. Not only does he suck at coaching, he doesn’t even stick around long enough to try to turn things around.

Maybe instead of F-bombs and flaming bedding, the Vols faithful could just tip their caps and say “good riddance.”

Here’s a short video of Tennessee fans flipping the hell out…

And one more, cause who doesn’t want to watch a video of someone urinating on clothing then setting it on fire?

…I do hope Kiffin talks about the riot, though.

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