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Tebow Seeks Tiger Woods Date, Gets Dissed By Mark Wahlberg

In today’s latest Tim Tebow news, the Denver Broncos quarterback is reportedly seeking a golfing date with Tiger Woods, and actor Mark Wahlberg said that Tebow is out of miracles and is no match for New England Catholicism. The NFL’s official website reports that organizers of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am are debating inviting Tebow to next month’s event, played the week after the Super Bowl.

Inviting Tebow seems like a no-brainer — he was just voted America’s Favorite Athlete by an ESPN poll — but cites a report that Tebow wants to play with Tiger Woods, who would have to sign off on the pairing. Nike executives are probably creaming their pants as we speak, so expect this to happen.  Unless Tebow is somehow named a Pro Bowl alternate.

And now to Marky Mark. “You know what, Tim Tebow has already performed his many miracles, and he’ll go home after Saturday and get ready for next season,” Wahlberg told the NFL Network’s The Rich Eisen Podcast. “Listen, the guy is incredible, you know I’m a devout Catholic, and I love the Lord more than anything, and I give all credit to God. But there’s too many people up there praying for the Patriots for him to go up there and win. And the Patriots are too good.”

I guess Steelers fans didn’t pray enough last week. For Saturday night’s game against Tebow and the Broncos, the Patriots are 13.5- to 14-point home favorites. Wahlberg sounds like he has no problems with the two-touchdown spread. “By the time [Tebow] gets that final possession, it’s gonna be 49-16, and then it won’t make a difference,” said Marky Mark.

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