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Tebow Leads NFL In Jersey Sales

Tim Tebow was a pretty decent college quarterback, but was projected by most to be a third or fourth rounder.  Instead the Denver Broncos took a big risk on him near the end of the first round, and it’s at least paying off in jersey sales.  From April through June, Tebow jerseys have sold better on than any other player’s.

While it should be taken into account that draft picks and recently traded players are going to sell better during those months — it’s still pretty ridiculous considering Tebow hasn’t even taken a snap at a NFL training camp yet.

Other than hearing his name called at the NFL draft, Tebow’s only association has been extremely negative — starring in a controversial anti-choice commercial with his mother during the last Super Bowl.  Drew Brees who won that Super Bowl — and tragically lost his own mother to suicide right before last season started — has only the third-best selling jersey behind new Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb.  Brett Favre, who’s yet to officially announce he’s returning for a second season with the Vikings, is the number six seller.

More talented rookies Ndamukong Suh, Sam Bradford, Dez Bryant and Eric Berry also are among the top 20 jersey sellers.

I’d be curious to see if any of those Tebow internet jersey sales are from outside the state of Florida.  If I was a Broncos fan I’d be praying that Kyle Orton stays healthy and Tebow and Brady Quinn never see the field.

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