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Tebow “A Work in Progress,” Says Broncos Coach
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Tim Tebow played reasonably well in four series during the Denver Broncos preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys, but Denver Broncos coach John Fox says the NFL’s most interesting backup quarterback is still “a work in progress.” Leading the Broncos offense for four series, Tebow completed six of seven passes for 91 yards, ran twice for 15 yards and led the team to a pair of field goals.

On paper, Tebow was better than starter Kyle Orton (2-for-6, 37 yards), but Fox didn’t see anything to change his mind about who his starting quarterback should be. “I thought Kyle was sharp,” said Fox. “Tim is a work in progress. He made some things happen and he is learning. The MO on him when I got here is that he does ad-lib some. You don’t ever want to take that away from a player. He is a young player that I think is going to get better in time.”

Video of Tebow’s biggest pass play:

Tebow may have some competition even to be the No. 2 quarterback. Brady Quinn played well in the second half, completing eight of 14 passes for 120 yards and a touchdown.

But, gosh darn it, Tim Tebow just loves to play football. “It’s something that will never change,” Tebow says. “It’s who I am. It’s like when we’re out there warming up, I’ll run some pass routes. I love the game. So many times when I speak, I’ll talk about having passion for whatever you do. If you don’t love what you do, why are you out there? You know? If I don’t love this game, there’s no reason for me to play it.”

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