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Teaser Bets

Teaser bets are the same as parlay bets, with one difference. In teaser bets, punters can ‘buy points’ and change the point spread. Since teasers use point spreads, they are most commonly used in football and basketball betting.

Teaser bets allow bettors to put multiple, single bets into one combined bet. Then, every team on the teaser must cover the point spread for the ticket to win. If any team fails to cover the spread, the entire ticket is lost.

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At most sportsbooks the point spread can be changed by either 6, 6.5 or 7 points. While this makes a teaser bet much easier to win than a parlay, teaser bets have far less attractive odds. With each 1/2 point bought, the odds go further down.

Sportsbooks vary a bit on the odds they give for teaser bets, but the list below will give you a good idea of the difference between parlay and teaser odds. These are based on 6.5 point football teasers.

Teaser VS Parlay Odds

2 Team @ 6.5

Parlay: 2.6/1

Teaser: 10/12

3 Team@ 6.5

Parlay: 6/1

Teaser: 8/5

4 Team @ 6.5

Parlay: 10/1

Teaser: 5/2

5 Team @ 6.5

Parlay: 20/1

Teaser: 4/1

6 Team @ 6.5

Parlay: 40:1

Teaser: 6/1

As you can see, the difference in odds between parlays and teasers is significant. While this is true, the odds of winning teaser bets are much higher. A higher win rate, even with smaller wins translates into less chance of going broke, money in your accounts more often, and more happiness along the way.

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