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Swedish footballer hammers home 21 goals in game – SportsUntapped.com
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Swedish footballer hammers home 21 goals in game
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Scoring 21 goals in a football season isn’t bad these days. In fact, some defenders and midfielders may not reach that number during an entire career. But for a player over in Sweden it’s all in a day’s work. Just recently a player in one of Sweden’s lower divisions managed to thump 21 goals past the keeper during his team’s 30-0 victory. The scoring machine, who registered the equivalent of three hat tricks in the match, is a 25-year-old named Yanick Djouzi Manzizila and his achievement broke a 60-year-old record in the country.

Manzizila is a member of the Kongo United squad and they humiliated a team named Balrog Botkyrka Södertälje 30-0 during the match. However, it might not have been as bad as it sounds for Balrog, since they had three players ejected during the contest and had just eight players on the pitch when the final whistle blew t end their embarrassment. In fact, the team took the beating quite badly and after it was over they announced they were quitting the league. Perhaps it was for the best though, since the squad hadn’t earned a single point all campaign long.

And this is where the story turns for Manzizila. Since Balrog handed in their resignation from the seventh division of the Stockholm league it means that his 21 goals won’t be recorded by the official statistician. The goals will be wiped from the league seasonal stats, but since he actually scored them his record will still be recognized. He just won’t be credited with them in the league books.

Manzizila had a bit of a premonition before the match against Balrog since he scored a dozen goals against them in a previous match. He told a local Swedish newspaper before the game that he thought there might be a good chance to bang in quite a few goals. Manzizila is one of his league’s top players and reportedly played for a pro team in France as a youth. He was obviously a bit disappointed that the 21 goals won’t be added to his league tally this season, but is glad he’s being recognized for the record. He added that there isn’t really anything he can do about it and he’s now focusing on trying to score 100 goals this season.

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