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Superbowl Betting Props: The Who Performs at Halftime #3 – SportsUntapped.com
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Added January 31st, 2010 by David Glisan

Superbowl Betting Props:  The Who Performs at Halftime #3
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We’ll finish up our discussion of the halftime show props in this post and we’ve got another betting position that could provide the easiest money you’ll make on the entire Superbowl. In Superbowl betting as with any other sports bet you’ve got to take the value where you can find it. Bodog has two more prop bets on The Who’s halftime performance and we like one of them a lot.

One bet offers odds on the following proposition:

If any member of the Who smashes their guitar what does the guitar hit first?

Possible choices are the floor, microphone, the drummer, the stage or a fan.  The problem with this bet is that you’re getting paid for a single occurrence but you’re essentially betting a parlay.  To win your bet you have to get a smashed guitar *and* the guitar has to hit something or somebody.  If no guitar gets smashed, the bet is ‘no action’.  If it gets smashed and doesn’t hit anyone its a loss.  Furthermore, there’s just no way to handicap this prop even assuming a guitar *did* get smashed.

It does lead us to a much better prop bet that could be one of the easiest winners of the day:

How many times will Pete Townshend do his legendary windmill move?

OVER 5 -160
UNDER 5 +130

Pete Townshend’s ‘windmill’ guitar playing move has been his trademark for years and has been copied by countless guitarists since.  As he’s gotten older he doesn’t do it as much as he used to, but he still picks his spots in most live performances.  It’s like KISS bass player Gene Simmons’ fire breathing routine–fans expect to see it when they buy a ticket to a Who concert.

Townshend used to do the move more ‘spontaneously’ but in recent years its become more common in specific songs.  One of these songs–Baba O’ Riley–has become a standard in the band’s live shows and is on the Superbowl set list.  This song, in particular, is also one where Townshend still does the ‘windmill move’.  I reviewed video of recent live performances of this song thanks to the magic of YouTube, and in all of them he did 5 or more windmill moves in this song alone.  The video at the bottom of this post is a good example–its a performance from the post 9/11 benefit concert in New York City and you can see the move at several points in the song.   Townshend does the move at these points during most live performances–when the guitar first kicks in at the beginning, right after Townshend’s iconic vocal line (‘Don’t cry..don’t raise an eye…its only teenage wasteland’) and again at the start of the lengthy instrumental break that concludes the song.

I’d have been willing to lay the price that Townshend’s windmill moves would go Over 5 in this song alone.  It should be an easy winner but you should bet it now before the price goes up.


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3 Responses to “Superbowl Betting Props: The Who Performs at Halftime #3”

  1. Anna says:

    THE WHO, a legend band of our generation will Rock during the Super Bowl.
    Saw them live in Hampton, Virginia 1970. Don’t think he will smash his ax, but I could be wrong. I sat in row 3 seat #11. Then of course, got up and stood right next to the Amps. ” Tommy, can you hear me.”

    Saw Eric Clapton, Allman Bros. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Memories, High times… Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin the list goes on..

    Just gonna sit back and enjoi the show. Hope you do the same:)

  2. Anna says:

    I completely lost focus of the game, after watching The Who perform. (Windmill)
    First I counted 4, 16,5,2.. I spaced out totally. So how many windmills did he actually do? I think I missed a few. Their voices, right in tune, the songs, one could ask for nothing more. Perfection.

    The Light show, Electric and Magnetic. Like a fine aged wine, I think the Band
    is better today than yesterday. Pete looked to his lead singer, they exchanged eye contact, smiled, Pete bit his lower left lip, they both smiled again. Hot is all
    I can say.

  3. Anna says:

    You may think this is really far out into space… just found some art and words done by a little girl, she wrote and colored… ” Pete sang.”

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