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Superbowl Betting Props: Clothes Make The Man – SportsUntapped.com
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Added January 31st, 2010 by David Glisan

Superbowl Betting Props:  Clothes Make The Man
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We’re going to run through the rest of the ‘non-sport’ type prop bets before we move on in our discussion of Superbowl betting. As with all of the props we’ve discussed so far this one is from Bodog. They’ve got an incredible number and variety of proposition bets on the board for Superbowl 44. They’ve got some of the more unusual ones that you won’t find at any other sportsbook so if you don’t have an account there yet go get one.

Here’s another proposition wager that looks to be a solid play:

Will they show clothing apparel proclaiming the Super Bowl Champion before the final whistle?

YES -150
NO +120

Its common knowledge among sports fans that for most major championship events preparations are made to cover all contingencies should either team win. One component of this that has become standard practice is for clothing companies to prepare t-shirts, caps, etc. in advance proclaiming each team as “NCAA Champion” or “Superbowl Champion” or whatever. This is done at every level of the industry from big players like Nike and Reebok all the way down to the street level bootlegger who wants to sell fans their team’s swag in the parking lot after the game.

So what happens to the clothing prepared in advance that celebrates the *losing* team as ‘champion’? It depends–sometimes it gets destroyed, but most of the big apparel companies donate it to charities for shipment to underprivileged people around the world. This year, for example, unused shirts proclaiming the Minnesota Vikings and New York Jets as their respective conference champion have been sent to earthquake survivors in Haiti.

An equally common practice is for TV cameras to show *someone* wearing the swag proclaiming the winning team as champion before the game is actually over. Usually this is done in the closing seconds where the shot will zoom in either on a group of players or fans celebrating the victory with their hot off the screen printing press shirts.

It’s no secret that TV sports broadcasters are creatures of habit, so there’s every reason to think that there will be a shot of some Colts/Saints Superbowl champion swag before the game is actually over. The fact that the game is in Miami, where there are plenty of low level opportunists trying to make a quick buck to go along with the higher level opportunists at Nike and Reebok further increases the chances.


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