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Superbowl Betting Props: CBS Show Promotion – SportsUntapped.com
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Added February 1st, 2010 by David Glisan

Superbowl Betting Props:  CBS Show Promotion
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Here’s another very strong Superbowl betting prop bet based on the CBS TV broadcast of the game. Like most of the props we’ve been featuring, you’ll find it at Bodog.

The Superbowl isn’t just the biggest sporting event of the year, its the biggest promotional platform for advertisers and marketers.  In addition to those spending $3 million plus for a 30 second TV spot, companies spend sponsorship dollars to become the official ‘soft drink’ or ‘corn chip’ and to use the Superbowl name and logos in their own advertising.  It’s also a golden promotional opportunity for the TV network broadcasting the game.

For that reason, you’ll see a number of promotions for the Superbowl network’s other programs during the game.  Basically, it gives the network an opportunity to cross promote their programming to the largest possible audience and is a big reason that TV networks can justify the expense of securing the broadcast rights and airing the game.  Promotion of network programming within the Superbowl broadcast has become so ubiquitous that Bodog is offering a prop bet on it:

Which CBS Show will get the most Promo’s during the game?

Undercover Boss 10/19
CSI Miami 6/1
CSI 9/2
NCIS 21/4
NCIS LA 12/1
Big Bang Theory 15/1
How I Met Your Mother 9/1
Two and a Half Men 14/1

This wager is such a ‘lock’ that it wouldn’t surprise me to see the book close off betting within the next day or so.  As evidenced by the current prices, the public is on to the network’s plans and has bet accordingly.  Still, even though much of the value has been lost its still more or less a ‘sure thing’.

To understand this bet we have to explain a TV broadcasting term:  the Superbowl ‘lead out’ program.  Basically, that’s the show that airs immediately after the Superbowl itself.  As you’re all aware, the Superbowl is one of the most watched TV programs of the year.  So, too, is the game’s ‘lead out’ program which is why it has become a valuable piece of property for networks.  Sometimes networks has been to use the ‘lead out’ spot to feature a new program in hopes of jump starting its viewing audience.

This practice makes sense, though has met limited success.  There have been big hits that debuted in the ‘lead out’ spot–most notably “The Wonder Years” and “The A-Team” but most new shows launched in this time slot have failed.  Until a few weeks ago there was considerable debate on what CBS would program in the lead out spot, but the network has officially announced their plans–the lead out spot would go to the debut of the new reality series ‘Undercover Boss’.  Comments explaining this decision also underscore why it should get the most promotion during the Superbowl:

CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler said that the network seriously considered following the recent trend of using the post-game slot to “build an existing show into a bigger brand,” as she put it.

“But as we looked around at the potential candidates (already on CBS), we realized we had shows that are already building on their own,” she said. In other words, series such as “Big Bang Theory” and “Survivor” were already doing well and didn’t need the boost as much as a new series.

A poster on the Tivo user message board explained it even better:

Nothing else on CBS needs the promotion that comes with the post-Super Bowl time slot. All the comedies on Monday night are either doing very well or are not worthy of this type of promotion. Same with the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night procedurals. They could promote Gary Unmarried, but although I like that show, it doesn’t really seem worthy of post-SB promotion.

Since CBS’ schedule is fairly solid and most of their shows are very successful, CBS was left in the enviable position of trying to find something new that could best make use of the promotion. From what I understand, Undercover Boss was the only new thing on CBS’ schedule for this spring that was ready to take advantage of that promotion.

The network isn’t just going to put ‘Undercover Boss’ in the post Superbowl time slot and hope for the best–they’ll use the game to plug it every chance they get.  That’s why its such a big favorite and why this bet will win easily.  Bet it while the bettin’ is good.


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