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Super Bowl XLVI: Eli Manning Prop Bets

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has already reached as many Super Bowls as his older brother Peyton Manning, and will try to become the first Manning to win two Super Bowls this Sunday. There are over a dozen prop bets on how Eli will fare in his second Super Bowl, covering his head-to-head matchup with New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and much, much more.

Your Super Bowl XLVI Eli Manning Prop Bets:

Odds to be named MVP: +225
Odds of scoring the game’s first touchdown: +3500
Odds of scoring New York’s first touchdown: +1500
Will Eli have more passing attempts in the game than Tom Brady? Yes -115, No -115
Will Eli have more completions in the game than Brady? Y -105, N -125
Will Eli throw for as many or more passing yards than Brady does? Y -110, N -120
Will Eli Throw a TD pass before Brady does? Y EVEN, N -130
Will Eli Throw an Interception before Brady does? Y -155, N +125
Will Eli Reach 100 passing yards before Brady does? Y -115, N -115
Will Eli Reach 10 completions  before Brady does? Y -110, N -120
Will Eli Manning have more touchdown passes than Michigan’s Tim Hardaway Jr. makes in his game Sunday against Michigan State? Y -115, N -115

What will Eli do first:
Throw a TD pass -250
Throw an Interception +195
Result of ELi’s first pass:
Complete -180
Incomplete +145
Interception +1000

Exact Number of TD Passes Eli will throw:
0 TDs +500
1 TD +250
2 TDs +225
3 TDs +350
4 or more TDs +400

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