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Super Bowl History and Records
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The Super Bowl is the final game in the season of the National Football League. It features the team that won the AFC against the team that won the NFC. The location for the Super Bowl is different each season. For the last seven seasons, the Super Bowl has been held on the first Sunday of February. The first Super Bowl took place in 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In that game, the Green Bay Packers downed the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. Green Bay then won the Super Bowl again in 1968. They have won one Super Bowl since that time, with Brett Favre as their starting quarterback. The Packers are in the 2011 Super Bowl, taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The phrase “Super Bowl” was thought of by Kansas City owner Lamar Hunt. Before the name “Super Bowl” it was entitled the NFL-AFL World Championship Game. The winner of the Super Bowl is given the Vince Lombardi trophy. The trophy is named after former legendary Green Bay Packers head coach. Since the merger of the original teams with the AFL, 10 teams from the AFL have won the Super Bowl, while 23 of the original teams have claimed the title.

Last season, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl 31-17. The biggest differential in a Super Bowl game is 45, which happened in 1990 when San Francisco blasted the Broncos 55-10. In the last ten years, the biggest differential is 27, first in 2003, when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blasted the Oakland Raiders 48-21. It also happened in 2001, when the Ravens downed the Giants 34-7. The 55 points scored by the 49ers in 1990 is the most ever scored in a Super Bowl game. No team has ever been shut-out in a Super Bowl game, the Miami Dolphins kicked just a field goal in Super Bowl VI back in 1972.

Super Bowl Records

With the Super Bowl media day today, we thought we would share some of the impressive records from the long standing history of the Super Bowl. Every year, commentators and others talk about what the records are, and which ones have the chance to be broke. Here are some of the most impressive records for Super Bowl play.

Most Super Bowl MVP’s is an impressive record, because that means you have been real good on the biggest stage several times. Former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana holds the record with 3. On five occasions players have scored 3 touchdowns in a Super Bowl game, which makes the most points scored 18. One guy did it twice during his career. Those four players are Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Ricky Watters and Terrell Owns. The player that did it twice was Jerry Rice. Rice has the most points scored in his career in the Super Bowl, with 48.

Kurt Warner’s record of 414 passing yards in a Super Bowl has a chance to be broken, especially with the right arm of Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately it appears the defenses this year are too good for that. Tom Brady and Drew Brees hold the record for most passes completed in a game, with 32. The longest run in Super Bowl history is 75 yards, which was set at Super Bowl XL.

Jerry Rice, who holds many Super Bowl records holds the record for most receiving yards in a single game, with 215. He is also tied with three players for the most receptions in a game, with 11.

On the defensive side, Rod Martin holds the record for three interceptions in a game. The player with the longest interception return will be playing in this game. James Harrison in Super Bowl XLIII returned it 100 yards for a touchdown. The record for most sacks in a single game at the Super Bowl is 3, by Reggie White and Darnell Dockett.

Let’s hope for some records at this years Super Bowl!

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