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Steve Nash writes letter to angry LA Lakers fans – SportsUntapped.com
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Steve Nash writes letter to angry LA Lakers fans
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The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a brutal start in the NBA with a 1-5 record after their first half dozen games and the fans aren’t too happy about it. They’re also not too thrilled with veteran point guard Steve Nash as he’s been ruled out for the entire season due to a back injury. What has the Lakers’ fans especially peeved about the Nash situation is that the player recently posted photos and videos on his Instagram account which showed him engaging in physical activities.

The 40-year-old Nash didn’t use the best judgment when he released a video of himself hitting golf balls along with photos of himself and his partner during a hike in a canyon. A lot of Lakers fans figured if he’s healthy enough to drive golf balls and go hiking then he should be healthy enough to play basketball. Nash took so much flak for the images on his Instagram account that he eventually deleted them.

Nash then felt he should explain the situation publicly and wrote a letter to fans via his Facebook page. Basically, he said he’s in good enough shape to enjoy some activities, but playing NBA basketball is just too hard on his body at the moment. Nash claimed that he has serious back problems such as bulging and torn disks in his back and some problems with the nerves as well as suffering from sciatica. He said he often isn’t able to sit in his car and drive home after games and it’s very hard to sleep because of severe cramping in his calves.

He added that he’s played in more than 1,300 games during his NBA career and the body can only take so much. Nash stated that he isn’t looking for sympathy from the fans, but he just wants to clarify his current injury situation. The future hall of famer remarked that he’s always worked as hard as possible throughout his career and has tried to overcome his back problems, but hasn’t had any luck so far. He said that it’s an emotional and mental challenge, but he’s tried his best and unfortunately things haven’t worked out in Los Angeles as everybody had hoped. He admitted that he understands why the supporters are disappointed and that’s because he hasn’t played very often and when he does play he hasn’t been at his best.

He wasn’t finished there though as he went on to say that it’s hard for fans to understand unless they’ve ever played professional basketball. He commented that there’s a huge difference between playing in the NBA and driving some golf balls and hiking or even playing basketball at a park or playing tennis. Nash said these other activities are ones he can handle, but he usually has to sit out for about two weeks after playing an NBA game. Nash joined the Lakers in July of 2012 and played 50 games in the 2012/13 season and just 15 games last year.

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