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Spanish soccer club Getafe creates dating site at home games

Spanish soccer club Getafe CF isn’t one of the most popular teams in the country so they’ve decided to do something about it with a little bit of tongue in cheek. Attendance has never been the greatest at home games so the club believes if fans married each other and had children this would lead to bigger crowds in the future. To help move things along, Getafe CF recently created a dating app for its supporters. An advertisement for the venture says, “if we breed amongst ourselves there’ll be more of us. Let’s have children, together, here, on our home ground.”

The club has advertised the app on its Facebook page and is using a video which shows fans meeting members of the opposite sex at home games and then sneaking off to different areas of the stadium to engage in sex. The app is named Getafinder and it supposedly works at the team’s home stadium, the Coliseum Alfonso Perez, and the immediate surrounding area.

The club’s fans have reacted to the strange invention and advertising with good humour and believe it’s quite a creative marketing ploy. In fact fans of other clubs have been wondering aloud on social media sites why their team doesn’t come up with a similar type of dating app. This isn’t the first sports-based dating app to be released though as there are already some popular ones out there such as Paranoid Fan and Free Agent.

The Getafe advertising for the app was created by a company called el Ruso de Rocky to help boost attendances for the First Division club. A spokesperson for the el Ruso de Rocky remarked that the team was happy with the advertising campaign and approved it. The Getafinder app was released on the Google Play Store at the end of September and reportedly has been downloaded several hundred times by fans or curious onlookers. The app itself was designed and developed by a firm called Gigigo with help from another company named The Gang and Serena.

Getafe CF’s marketing department worked hand in hand with the developers and wanted to create something that would be fun for the fans. The soccer club has a history of using unconventional marketing and advertising methods in the past to help sell tickets to its games, but this one may be the most successful yet.

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