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South American Collapse In the 2010 World Cup – SportsUntapped.com
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Added July 5th, 2010 by Kyle Wanchalk

South American Collapse In the 2010 World Cup
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With 4 South American teams in the 4 Quarterfinals matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, you would think the obvious favorites to advance would be the storied nations with immense talent and the players that are always in the public eye.

But out of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay only the Uruguayans were able to fight on. Thanks to the new “Hand of God” and less than calm nerves from the spot, the PK shootout between Uruguay and Ghana was, since the 120th minute, always going to go Uruguay’s way.

Argentina seemed as if they never got off the team bus after they were dismantled at the hands of the Germans. Brazil proved to the world that even a number 1 ranking isn’t enough to stop silly defensive errors. And Paraguay, well they just got flat out unlucky.

Out of all 4 teams, the two people would have picked last, performed the best. The two –Guay’s were definitely much more deserving of advancing than the Argentine’s and the Brazilians. Could Uruguay update their already storied history and bring home their first World Cup since 1950? Odds are still stacked against them, but they are a good team capable of more than even they are aware of.

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One Response to “South American Collapse In the 2010 World Cup”

  1. Baz says:

    Uruguay are cheaters. Should they win it will be forever tainted. If they win I will always consider Ghana the winners of this 2010 World Cup. Totally unsporting to make an exhausted magnificent player take a PK after 120 minutes of all out effort in front of 90,000 people. That last second shot was clearly going in. The Ghanaians rose to the challenge and outplayed Uruguay. Don’t tell me that’s the way of the game – it’s not. Soccer is meant to be a sporting game as tradition and history illustrate. Maradona also will never be the greatest player to me – he is not only a cheater but glories in having started all this hand of god crap. Total crap. Unsporting, uncivilized, no class crap. This sort of behavior sours the greatest tournament in the world for me and is an embarrassment to football worldwide.

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