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Soccer player charged with attempted manslaughter after booting opponent

An amateur soccer player over in Turkey will be brought up on charges after deliberately and brutally booting an opponent in the head while he was down on the ground. It doesn’t appear that he has much of a defence since the entire incident was caught on video. The player named Mehmet Degirmenci plays for a Turkish club called Sanayispor and can be seen clearly in the video as he attacked an opponent named Kayhan Karakas from the Dallicaspor team. Reports out of Turkey say the player is now facing charges of attempted manslaughter for his savage actions.

The play started then Degirmenci tripped Karakas during the match from and was then shown a red card from the referee for the tackle from behind. However, Degirmenci didn’t leave the pitch. Karakas was still down on the ground after being tripped and Degirmenci walked over to him and appeared to kick him straight in the face as hard as he could. The Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper reported that Karakas was knocked unconscious and needed several stitches to repair the damage.

Karakas later told the press, “Thank god that kick came near my jaw. If it had hit me directly in the face, it could have broken my nose, made me blind or broken my neck.” The newspaper then went on to say that it was Karakas who pressed the charge of attempted manslaughter against his attacker. Degirmenci was immediately thrown off of the Sanayispor team and should also receive a good amount of jail time as well as a lifetime ban from soccer. Degirmenci said he didn’t have a problem with Karakas, but something inside of him snapped when his opponent insulted his mother.

He stated, “It was a heat of the moment thing. I tried to apologize to him after the incident but he refused. I apologize to him. I regret it, but I reproach him for cursing about an educator and mother.” 
The match was taking place in the western province of Aydin in the Nazili district. Surprisingly, Degirmenci’s actions didn’t trigger off and all-out brawl between the players on the pitch and he was escorted to the team’s dressing room by a trainer.

See the incident below:

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