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Soccer Betting Free Picks For Tuesday: England League One – SportsUntapped.com
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Added March 1st, 2010 by David Glisan

Soccer Betting Free Picks For Tuesday:  England League One
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We’ll go down further in the heirarchy of English soccer betting for a Tuesday game in England’s League One.  We’ve probably gone over this before but here’s how things work in England’s soccer world.  At the top of the food chain is the English Premier League.  Second is the Football Championship, nominally the ‘Triple A’ of British soccer.  Below that is League One and below that League Two.  Below *that* is Conference National and, no, I don’t have any clue why they just don’t call it ‘League Three’.

The really cool thing about European soccer is relegation and promotion.  At the end of the year, the teams that finish at the top of their respective leagues move up to the next level while the teams at the bottom get relegated to a lower level.  So the top two teams in the Football Championship League go up to the Premier League, while the bottom teams in the Premier League go down to the Football Championship.  Obviously, being in the Premier League means a *lot* more money for team owners so they’ve got a vested interest to get there.

Anyway, we’ll look at a game in League One for Tuesday as the Bristol Rovers host lowly Stockport County:


The Bristol Rovers are in 9th place in the League One standings, and have a home record of 10-5-1.  That one draw at home is something we like to see, as there’s nothing that is more painful than watching a home team content themselves with a draw when you’ve bet on them to win.  Stockport County is just a bad team, last in the league trailing 23rd place Wycombe by 5 points.  Stockport has somehow managed three road wins this year, but have only scored 12 goals in 16 away games while giving up 27.  They’re kind of the Philadelphia 76ers of English soccer in that they’re equally bad at home (where they’ve got a -16 goal differential) as on the road (-15 goal differential).  Bristol had a nice home winning streak going until they were upset at home by relegation bound Wycombe, but they then bounced back with a victory over third place Charlton Athletic.  That sort of competitive schizophrenia concerns us a little bit, but based on the numbers this should be an easy wipeout victory for the home team.  This price is from Bookmaker, but most sportsbooks offer action on League One games.


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