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Added April 10th, 2010 by David Glisan

Soccer Betting Free Picks For Sunday:  English Premier League
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Soccer betting action for Sunday takes us to the English Premier League as Manchester United heads to Ewood Park to take on the Blackburn Rovers.  I don’t have any kids of my own, but I’m tempted to adopt one just so I can make the little tyke wear this awesome Man U ‘Lil’ Devil’ outfit.  Honestly, I haven’t seen anything this awesome from any of our US sports.  I’m not a huge soccer honk–I enjoy the sport more as a wagering opportunity than anything else.  But I’d pretend to bleed Man U red just so my kid would wear this badass outfit until he outgrew it.  Of course knowing British soccer fans, there’s likely an adult version of this outfit.  If you want to order a ‘Lil’ Devil’ costume for your own kid–and I strongly suggest you do so–you can do it here.


So Man U is out of the Champions League mix courtesy of Bayern Munich and now must regroup and try to run down Chelsea at the top of the English Premier League table.  Wayne Rooney is out for this contest, but since the team hadn’t really counted on him for this anyway that’s not a huge deal.  Man U is trying to win their 4th straight EPL crowd and their 19th overall, which would be the most ever.  Sir Alex Ferguson has ‘called his shot’ and challenged his team to go out and win all 5 of their remaining games.  Whether or not they’ll do it remains to be seen, but in the staid world of ‘football’ even suggesting such is a bold move by Sir Alex.  I’m no Anglophile, but wouldn’t it be cool if US coaches had a badass honorific like Sir Alex does?  Just imagine ‘Sir Stan Van Gundy’ coaching the Miami Heat–how awesome would that be?  Anyway, assuming that Man U does run the table they’ll still have 7 losses on the year and no team has ever won the Premier League with that many.  In other words, its an uphill battle.  Chelsea does have a couple of tough games left on the schedule–they’ll play at Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool before the end of the year and if they take 6 points away from those games they deserve the Premier League title.

Like a number of mid table EPL sides Blackburn sucks away from home but has been very good at Ewood Park where they’ve lost only twice this year.  Man U is decent on the road–they’ve lost 5 games but have won 9.  As a handicapper, I like teams that don’t ‘go for the draw’ in their away games and Man U has only played two this year.  Blackburn has a lot of injuries to deal with, but at this point in the season so do most other teams.  They are supposed to get team captain Ryan Nelson back here–he’s been out over a month–and that should give the home side a boost.

Ultimately, Man U is simply the better team.  In the world of English soccer its hard to compete with the top teams like Man U and Chelsea for financial reasons, and they can afford to have talented substitutes that weaker teams simply can’t.  Moreover, we like the fact that Man U tries to win on the road and they’ve got plenty of incentive as they try to catch Chelsea.  We’ll play ‘The Red Devils’ and lay the one goal here. This price is from Bookmaker but most sportsbooks have similar offers.


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  1. Sue says:

    I like ManU a lot but I also like arsenal…i would love to see arsenal lift the trophy at the end of the season but i think it’s no longer possible at this stage….

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