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Soccer announcer fired after falling asleep during Champions League match

For those of you who believe soccer is boring you’ve now got some more ammunition to back up your opinion. It seems that a recent European Champions League contest between Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain of the French Ligue 1 on Tuesday, November 3rd was so dreadful that it put an announcer to sleep while he was broadcasting the match. Perhaps nobody would have noticed, but once he started snoring on the air his gig was up, literally, as he was then sacked from his job.

The commentator, a 20-year veteran named Dong Lu, was working as a commentator for LeTv in his native China. Due to the time difference between Europe and his homeland, Lu began performing his duties at about 3:45 am local time. The Group A match, which took place at the famous Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid, was won by the home side when Nacho scored the winning goal in the 35th minute. However, the game was so bad Lu couldn’t keep his eyes open and nodded off during the last 20 minutes or so of “action.”

Reports out of Beijing said the 14-year-old Lu was sacked by LeTv pretty quickly, but he apologized for falling asleep said he’ll continue to cover the sport via his internet blog. An audio and video recording of the match from LeTv has been plastered all over the internet and Lu can be heard snoring around the 79 minute mark. He then wakes up for a brief moment, realizes the play is just as boring as before and then dozes off again. Lu can hardly be blamed for taking a snooze during the match since it was one of the worst played this season.

Even though Real Madrid is filled with star players such as Portuguese skipper Cristiano Ronaldo and the PSG attack is led by Swedish international striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this game was a dud. The win by Madrid gives them a three-point lead over PSG and the Spanish squad has now advanced to the round-of-16 stage in the tournament. Lu certainly wasn’t the only one who fell asleep during the match, but he’s likely the only one who lost his job because of it. Hopefully he will be able to land himself another job with a rival station and if he does, perhaps will be given a more exciting sport to cover.

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