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Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini banned for eight years but still being paid

It’s no wonder FIFA is seen as being corrupt by most soccer fans across the world and UEFA is close behind them. It doesn’t help the organizations’ causes considering that both of their presidents have been hit with eight-year suspensions, but the pair of them is still being paid. FIFA boss Blatter will reportedly be paid until February 26th when the governing body of world soccer is scheduled to hold an election to name his replacement. As far as Platini goes, UEFA said he’ll continue to be paid until further notice. Both men have said they will appeal their bans.

Blatter of Switzerland was originally suspended by FIFA for 90 days back in early October and then nailed with the eight-year ban in December. He’s been president of FIFA since 1998 and the organization has been accused of corruption under him on dozens of occasions. Therefore, he’ll end up taking home a salary for about five months for doing nothing. Blatter and Platini received their suspensions regarding a $2 million payment that Blatter made to Platini of France for work the UEFA boss allegedly did for FIFA about 10 years earlier. However, there was no record of a payment being owed to Platini in FIFA’s books and the payment came when Blatter was seeking re-election.

Therefore the payment was considered to be a conflict of interest and it appeared Blatter was paying Platini for his voting support. Since Blatter has been suspended in October, his position has been filled by acting president Issa Hayatou of Africa. According to the Audit and Compliance Committee of FIFA, the organization can halt bonus payments to Blatter, but it can’t put a halt on his salary. This is supposedly due to his contract and because he was elected president. However, it could also have been a safety clause included in his contract just in case something like this happened and he was suspended. This way he has protected his salary even though he’s not fit to run the organisation.

In total, there are currently 41 entities and individuals who are tied to FIFA that are facing corruption charges in the U.S with many of them being former officials of the organization. FIFA is also being investigated in its homeland of Switzerland. Also, FIFA’s general secretary Jerome Valcke was just sacked due to allegations of fraudulent World Cup ticket sales. Nobody knows how much Blatter’s salary is or what Valcke’s was, but when the new president is elected next month the salaries for FIFA’s president and its top executives are supposed to be made public.

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