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Sam Bradford to have Season Ending Surgery – SportsUntapped.com
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Added October 25th, 2009 by Ryan

Sam Bradford to have Season Ending Surgery
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The Oklahoma Sooners worst fears for the season have been realized as they found out that they will be without their Heisman trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford for the rest of the season.

Nothing is more disheartening then a football team losing their best player for the rest of the season and that is exactly what has happen to the Sooners. Sam Bradford never really got back on track to playing like he did in his previous Heisman year, but there was a hope that the talented young quarterback could turn it a around and get Oklahoma back to bowl game once he was healthy.

Unfortunately, that never happen and Bradford re-injured his shoulder on his throwing arm in the Red River Rivalry game against Colt McCoy and the Texas Longhorns. As a result of the injury to their superstar quarterback the Sooners lost their third game of the season and have completely fallen out of the BCS picture.

Not only was this huge loss for Oklahoma this season, but along with deciding to end his season Bradford has also decided to enter the NFL Draft as well.

This isn’t a huge surprise considering much this season’s injury has effected his future on the next level as many NFL franchises will think twice about drafting a rookie quarterback that has suffered an injury to his throwing arm, but Bradford has decided to stop the bleeding and take a chance that he can still get drafted in the top ten and cash in on his football talent.

Will Sam Bradford get drafted early in the NFL Draft?

That definitely remains to be seen as teams will be paying close attention to see how he has recovered from the shoulder injury, but there is still a good chance that a struggling team in desperate need for quarterback might just roll the dice on Bradford. From the way it is looking right now there are few NFL franchises that have been awful this season that will be looking to grab a franchise quarterback in next year’s draft.

Here are the teams that will most likely be looking to add a quarterback like Sam Bradford:

St. Louis Rams

Marc Bulger may have seemed like the answer at QB a couple of seasons ago, but now it is pretty obvious that a change needs to be made.

Tampa Bay Bucs

Byron Leftwich tried to revitalize his career in Tampa Bay after playing well backing up Big Ben in Pittsburgh last year, but he has fallen flat on his face and his career as a starter is over. That being said the Bucs will be in the market for a QB.

Washington Redskins

Jason Campbell is a good quarterback, but I think his time is done in Washington because he just can’t seem to turn the franchise and the Redskins will probably take a look at Bradford.

Cleveland Browns

No other team this season has had more trouble at quarterback, besides the Raiders, then the Cleveland Browns. Neither Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson can get the job done will most likely be on their way out at the end of the season.

Oakland Raiders

JaMarcus Russell is starting to get called the next Ryan Leaf because he just hasn’t lived up to that number one pick a few seasons ago. Bradford isn’t the typical Raiders type of quarterback, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Davis takes a chance on another young quarterback.

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