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Reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose Will Not Play Overseas

The league might be in the middle of an NBA lockout that could last a very long time and there is no telling when we could see professional basketball being played in the United States again. With that being said, the players around the league have been considering their immediate futures and what they might do if the NBA lockout cuts into the upcoming NBA regular season.

There are few big-name players like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams that have already seriously considered playing overseas during the NBA lockout and one or all of them could test the waters across the pond. Even though it looks like a lot of star players will play overseas during the lockout, there are few that aren’t interested in playing internationally like Amare Stoudemire and reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose.

Now that the Chicago Bulls will be perennial NBA title contenders for the foreseeable future with Derrick Rose at the helm, the undisputed leader of the team is looking to improve his game and get his conditioning at the level he wants it. After being beat by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, Derrick Rose realized that his conditioning wasn’t up to snuff and something needed to be done about that during the offseason.

As a result, the NBA superstar has decided to concentrate solely on getting his conditioning to the level that he is comfortable with. With that being said, playing overseas will be out of the question for the league’s reigning MVP.

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