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Added July 12th, 2010 by Ian

Referee Webb did Best he Could in Cup Final
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It was inevitable after the World Cup Final between Spain and Holland that English referee Howard Webb would come under some criticism for his handling of the match. This is because he handed out a World Cup record 14 yellow cards, one of which became a red. Webb handled it as well as he could, but if he followed the letter of the law, we might have seen a few more players ejected and another half dozen yellow cards.

But maybe that would have been a good idea. Maybe Webb should have called everything by the letter of the law until there weren’t enough players to continue. Once again, most problems and controversies in soccer can be traced back to FIFA. The organization has allowed players to get away with murder over the years and of course there’s no way of curtailing it now.

Players are being placed in bear hugs and headlocks on free kicks into the box and on corners and if they happen to escape the grasp of their opponents are often rugby tackled to the ground. There’s no end to it because FIFA has allowed it to fester over the years. Going by the rulebook, there should be about six penalty kicks each game and five ejections. So what’s a referee to do?

Webb has been supported by a slew of current and ex referees over his performance in the Final and he should be. Ex refs such as Dermot Gallagher and Jeff Winter have praised him, only questioning his call over Nigel de Jong booting Spain’s Xabi Alonso in the chest, which they thought could have been a red card.

Sure, Webb missed a couple of calls, such as not doing anything to Carles Puyol when he held Arjen Robben back from a breakaway and missing a corner for the Dutch, but he’s in a no-win situation. Obviously the Dutch were more upset over the refereeing because they lost.

We all know FIFA needs to bring in video replay. However, a second referee as well as two more linesmen would also help. But the root of the problem needs to be weeded out and fixed before it’s too late. Anybody caught pulling shirts, tackling with their arms, and holding etc. should be punished severely. If there are seven penalties a game, then so be it. This is the only way the players will learn and cheating will be taken out of the sport.

The NHL clamped down on all of the clutching and grabbing by calling a penalty every time until the players and coaches finally got the message. Football needs to do the same before the game becomes a farce.

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5 Responses to “Referee Webb did Best he Could in Cup Final”

  1. t.vandalen says:

    as a Dutchman it is obviuos that we did not like to loose this match.
    At the end I think that the best team won the cup , but they were supported by an arrogant referee that helped them to get what they deserved.
    But a referee should be neutral and Webb was probably invited with his family in Spain to have an “all in ” vacation, so he gave Spain a helping hand.
    He should better not come to the Netherlands I think.
    I hope that we will get rid of that German ” FIFA fuhrer” Blatter so we might be able to use video images to prove that referees are not always able to take the right decisions and we can prevent mistakes .
    Obviously you agree that Webb was not doing a proper job by opening this discussion.

  2. DeeDubya says:

    So, what are the Dutch going to do to him if he has the temerity to visit your (fine) country?

    Dutch should have been down to 8 and Spain to 9.

  3. sofia says:

    We were not presented with a team at the competition so my family and I were not sure before the game which team we would favour. But during the game we all agreed that we didn’t want the dutch to win the tournament after their unfair and dangerous fouls (like kicking their oponent in the chest, not even slightly trying to play a ball there). I think on Tv it was said at the ending that the Spanish theam was awarded as the team with the least yellow cards (fair play) while the Dutch already had the most before the final.

    On TV after the first half all our Football experts agreed that at least three dutch players could have seen red for their actions if Webb had acted strictly after the rules. But he seemed to want to unsure that the players are responsible for the result of the game and not the referes (when one team playing outnumbered)- so I find it laughable that you think he favoured the Spanish players. We had some sarcasstic coments in our round watching TV like that Webb may be paid by the dutch for just giving yellow instead of red in the first half.

  4. Ian says:

    Yes, it would be great to get rid of Blatter for sure. But if he really wanted to help Spain, I think he would have given De Jong a red card for booting Alonso.

  5. Brian says:

    The FIFA circus ended with the clowns again on center stage. Though the correct team won, the referees should not be the center of attention, but the players and teams should. Often refereed affectvthe outcome of a game. They were horrible many times in this cup. Webb deserves criticism, but FIFA more. There are two teams in a match, not three. Yet FIFA with their arrogance continue to let the referee be the third team competing against the other two. They need help, and without video they should not be so afraid to ask for it. The players as sportsmen can help by being honest. Henry would be a legend today if he had been honest. But the refs were too arrogant to ask for help. This cup has been cursed since the hand of Henry and came to a fitting end. Referees and FIFA have egg on their face and deserve and NEED the scrutiny.

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