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Recchi ReSigns With Boston For Revenge, Babysitting – SportsUntapped.com
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Recchi Re-Signs With Boston For Revenge, Babysitting
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The Boston Bruins signed 42-year-old Mark Recchi to a one-year $1.7 million deal so he can babysit/mentor the team’s young stars, including number two overall pick Taylor Seguin.  Last season Recchi scored 18 regular season goals and six in the playoffs, but cited Boston’s historic collapse against the Flyers as a motivation for coming back.  “There was some unfinished business,” said Recchi. “I have never been so disappointed, to end the way we did.”

Bruins’ general manager Peter Chiarelli mainly focused on Recchi as babysitter:

He’s looking forward to helping the younger kids. He can manage their expectations, manage their lifestyles and all that. It’s a group effort, but someone like Mark who has done it and has done it successfully will be an asset to our team.

Recchi, with perhaps half an eye on a coaching career, says he’s all sorts of excited to play big brother to Boston’s top pick:

I’m ready to do whatever I can to help Tyler. He seems like a great kid and we know he will be an amazing player, but there’s no rush. We will be here for him to help along and let him reach his potential at a natural pace.

The natural pace is something Recchi doesn’t see number one overall pick Tyler Hall having in Edmonton:

There’s a lot of pressure on Taylor Hall to go [to Edmonton] and be an impact player right away. Seguin can come in and he can learn and grow and be part of a good hockey team, and I think that’s very important for the development of a young kid.

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