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Real Madrid changes traditional team logo for sake of money

Reigning European champions Real Madrid of the Spanish La Liga have proven to be sell outs as the team has changed its logo to keep sponsors happy. The famous soccer club has removed a Christian cross from its emblem to appease the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. The team recently signed a three-year deal with the bank for millions of dollars and they also introduced a brand new Real Madrid credit card which can also be used as a club membership card.

But while the Real Madrid crest is used on the card the Christian cross, which typically sites on top of the crown, has gone missing. According to reports from Europe the cross has been taken off of the emblem because the United Arab Emirates-based bank doesn’t want to upset its Muslim customers. The team has been using the crest for close to 100 years now as it was introduced with the Christian cross back in the 1920s. Of course, Real Madrid is now being accused of selling out the team identity for the sake of sponsorship money.

Real Madrid tried to smooth things over with its fans by saying that the original crest will still be used in Europe and the cross-less version will be seen in the United Arab Emirates only. The club stated that it wants to strengthen its ties to the UAE and this new sponsorship deal and logo will make its fans in the UAE happy. Many fans objected to the change on social media outlets, but some also pointed out that if they didn’t know about the altered logo they wouldn’t have been able to spot the missing cross.

However, the majority of fans feel the team should be ashamed of itself for changing its tradition by removing the Christian cross for the sake of money. One fan even asked if the bank will now ask Cristiano Ronaldo to change his name.

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