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Added June 30th, 2010 by Kyle Wanchalk

Portugal Goes Out of the 2010 World Cup

In a match of two giants, one proved to be just a bit bigger. Thanks to an irresistible back heel by Xavi and some persistent striking by David Villa, Spain take the cake against Portugal 1-0.

It was like a World War One battle, because both sides started off, then dug in and didn’t really budge from then on out. Portugal looked like they could get an equalizer, but it seemed as if every time there was a glimmer of hope for the West Iberians, the Spaniards foiled all progress and seemed to mount an attack of their own.

Really, both teams deserved to advance based on sheer talent, but unfortunately only one was able to. Ronaldo will have to wait 4 more years until his dream of performing on the greatest world stage will come true.

Spain move on to play Paraguay and in all honesty should absolutely dismantle the side that beat Japan in PKs yesterday. It would take quite a work of brilliance by Paraguay to upend the defending EURO champions. We will see for sure on Saturday though.

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