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Peyton Manning Meets With Broncos, Cardinals – SportsUntapped.com
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Peyton Manning Meets With Broncos, Cardinals
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Free agent quarterback Peyton Manning spent six hours at the Denver Broncos practice facility on Friday, then made a six-hour visit with the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The quarterback, released last week by the Indianapolis Colts, is said to want to make a decision on where he’ll sign in the next few days, but refused to talk money with either team because his agent wasn’t present.

Manning has also so far refused to throw for any of his suitors, figuring someone will pay him a boatload of money even though injury kept him out all of last season. Manning has also reportedly declined offers to visit the Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks, while the Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans have publicly said they will try to get Manning to visit them.

During his visit in Denver, Manning said to everyone he met: “Nice to meet ya, [person’s first name], I’m Peyton Manning.” After the visit, he spent over two hours dining at a country club with John Elway, Denver’s current front office leader and former star quarterback, and head coach John Fox.

Manning supposedly hopes to make a decision by Tuesday or Wednesday, with free agency opening and teams like the Cardinals needing to make roster decisions. Arizona will need to pay quarterback Kevin Kolb $7 million if he’ still on the roster Thursday.

Manning might lean toward Denver considering they made it within two games of the Super Bowl playing most of the year with a Bible-thumping running back at quarterback, but the cold can’t be good for a quarterback in his mid-30’s. The Cardinals did fluke their way to a Super Bowl in 2008 with geriatric Kurt Warner at quarterback, so that may be a better fit.

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