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Penguin Calls Ovechkin “Real Douche” – SportsUntapped.com
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Penguin Calls Ovechkin “Real Douche”
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Just as the NHL was starting some way early press for next year’s Winter Classic matchup between the Penguins and Capitals set for New Year’s Day at Pittsburg’s Heinz Field, a disgruntled Penguins forward decided to start talking smack about Washington’s superstar on the radio.  Maxime Talbot, who only played 45 games last season because of a groin injury, told 105.9 The X on Tuesday that his first impression on meeting Alexander Ovechkin at the 2009 NHL Awards was that the Capitals captain was “this guy is a real douche.”

For Talbot, first impressions are very important:

I just hate the guy. I can’t lie. … I don’t like him. … The first time I met him, let’s say he didn’t give the best impression to me, so better reason to hate him even more.

In his five-year NHL career (all stuck in Pittsburgh), Talbot has scored 44 goals total.  Ovechkin has scored 45 or more goals in every single one of his five NHL seasons.  Talbot was born in Quebec.  Ovechkin was recently named Russia’s top male star.  Ovechkin has been named the NHL players’ MVP the past three years — a feat matched only by Wayne Gretzky and Guy LaFleur.

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5 Responses to “Penguin Calls Ovechkin “Real Douche””

  1. Steve Buschemi says:

    Be more wrong in just 3 short paragraphs.

    – Learn how to spell Pittsburgh.
    – He was out last year with shoulder surgery after carrying the team in Game 7 of the Cup finals.
    – “Stuck in Pittsburgh”…winning Stanley Cups? Starring in commercials? Being on cereal boxes?
    – Russia’s Top Male Star? No wai! He can’t be a douche!
    – He never came at his hockey abilities, he called him out personally. I guess you shouldn’t be able to state your opinion about him…because Talbot has scored more goals than you? Grow up.

    Enjoy caring more about the President’s Trophy (in case you didn’t know, the league’s best regular season point total…since I know you’re probably new to watching hockey), and personal regular season trophies than the Cup. Oh, and thanks for providing us with hours of entertainment from your inferiority complex.

  2. HockeyGod98 says:

    What’s with all these non sequitur arguments all you Ovechkin apologists are making? Talbot didn’t isn’t suggesting he’s a better player than Ovechkin, he’s saying Ovechkin is a piece of crap as a human being.

  3. jm says:

    Make fun of Talbot all you want, how many Stanley Cup finals goals has Ovechkin scored???

  4. Jeff says:

    Well, Talbot’s probably just full of angst because he has to play in Pittsburgh. Seriously, I’d rather be impaled in the crotch then live day in that hellhole. No wonder people are leaving Pittsburgh at a faster rate than Detroit or Cleveland.

  5. ThePittsburghKid says:

    Jeff, obviously you have never visited Pittsburgh. It has been voted most liveable more than D.C. or Baltimore. Take it from someone that has lived in Baltimore and spent a lot of time in D.C., Pittsburgh is a great city (Baltimore and D.C. are also fun towns though). People might leave Pittsburgh for jobs, but many come back and they all still love the city. Just go to a Baltmore Ravens game and check out all the Steeler fans there with Maryland plates on their car. Pittsburgh isn’t a nation, it’s an empire. And our teams have won more championships than Baltimore’s or D.C. Hell, probably more combined.

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