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Paul the Octopus Prediction: Germany vs. Spain – SportsUntapped.com
Today is
Added July 6th, 2010 by Steve

Paul the Octopus Prediction: Germany vs. Spain
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I know many of you have been waiting for the latest prediction by Paul the Octopus to see if he picked Germany or Spain. I’m sure there are some of you that don’t know who Paul the Octopus is and rather than me having to make the introduction once more it’s easier if you read this post about Paul the Octopus that I published before the Germany vs. Argentina game.

There has been an insane amount of comments on the previous post and it seems like everyone has been waiting for the next prediction.

With that being said I am not going to let you wait any longer. The picture of Paul the Octopus’ latest prediction can be found below. Yes, he picked SPAIN. Let’s see if he is going to be right again.

If you want to challenge Paul’s prediction you can post your own in the comment box below.

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190 Responses to “Paul the Octopus Prediction: Germany vs. Spain”

  1. Geno says:

    Put that thing on the menu!

  2. Tia says:

    disappointed. 🙁
    I hope paul’s prediction is wrong.
    crazy octopus! haha

  3. Cameron says:

    The only time Paul has ever been wrong was ironically the last time Germany played Spain at the Euro Cup 2008, where he predicted a German victory with Spain actually winning. Let’s hope he’s wrong this time too.

  4. Ohmyigod says:

    Sad! Paul erred this time. My money is on Germany with Holland German in final. Germany to win the world cup.

  5. chew says:

    Paul is going to end up as calamari for choosing spain on german water…

  6. sambhu says:

    what about Holland vs Uruguay ?

  7. Matt says:

    So that earlier fake picture was right. 50/50 guess I guess…

  8. admin says:


    He only predicts Germany’s matches. So you will not be finding any predictions for the Holland game from the Octopus.

  9. Beenod says:

    good photoshopping ……………………… pls post video if it’s true

  10. fikri says:

    what was the wrong prediction in the european championship pls?

  11. aminath samaha says:

    Spain will take revenge from Germany……he he:P

  12. Crispen says:

    Paul’s prediction or nothing, 2010 is for The Germans to claim their 4th world cup. its German v The Dutch. German the victors with a 3-1 score.

  13. Takoyaki says:

    You can’t be correct this time,little ugly octo! If Germany wins, I’m going to make you into Takoyaki(Japanese Food), and celebrate!!!

  14. Anti German says:

    Yesss.. I hope paul get it right this time.. Knock the *censored* out of the tournament… kick em hard…

  15. Tarquin says:

    This prediction is good news for Germany actually. Follow the logic:

    1) Octopus must statistically be wrong at some point – 100% hit rate is unlikely given his previous 80% in the Euros.

    2) Therefore he MUST be wrong now because if he is right then he would have a 100% rate and that would be the end of his record as he only predicts German matches and he would then make no more predictions.

    3) As it is highly unlikely he will get 100% this is essentially his last chance to be wrong. He must take it.

    Therefore he is telling us Germany will win.

    If logic is not enough then remember his only other wrong prediction ALSO involved Spain and Germany.

    Germany to win!!!!!

  16. panamanian says:

    The allmighty ORACLE has spoken! Don’t cry for me Argen… Oh, I mean Germanyyyyyyy… hahaha, Congrats Spain!!!!!!!

  17. Micha says:

    We can’t eat him.

    Several countries from South America, Africa and Europe offered him a job as trainer of their national teams.

  18. VoonDaddy says:

    Gosh i cant belive its true

  19. Safran17 says:

    This time you are wrong little octupus! Geramany will win the game. Not only the game vs spain they will win this worldcup too.Lets see who is going to be right!!!!

  20. maya says:

    who’s up for fried octo??anyone?

  21. Sriram says:

    this is insane
    germany will surely win
    upto this there had been luck to paul
    we will win

  22. tony says:

    shashimi it to me lol

  23. maxi says:

    well, no matter what paul predicts, it´s going to be a hell of a match tomorrow! i´m german but i´m for spain, so all i can do is hope that paul´s right!

  24. Naresh says:

    Octo will be right this time as well and spain will be the winners of this world cup

  25. gu says:


  26. el messi-ah says:

    paul what happen??why spain?

  27. kajan says:

    not gonna trust this video… octopus iz 1stly kept on spain side…..

  28. pallav says:

    Is it Spain… We’ll see…
    so its a last prediction by Paul.

    Good bye Paul.

  29. Kelly says:

    I hope the octopus is wrong…. Hope German will win….!!!

  30. Timothy says:

    After this prediction I want this octopus on the menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Germany is gonna win no matter what that octopus says, he is only 80 percent right, so this time he must be wrong, which means what Germany is goonna win.

  31. Eva says:

    Wow, so if the prognosticating octopus doesn’t “play along” and indicate something you want to see/hear, you’d condemn him to your fricking dinner plate, hey? Sounds more than a little silly, considering this is supposed to a “fun distraction” to add to the overall enjoyment of the tournament. What a bunch of sorry louts, talking about cooking and eating this harmless creature up because you don’t get what you want.

    Question: if your kids tell you something you don’t want to hear, do you cook and eat them, too?

    Yes? No?

    I’ve heard of unsporting, but some of the comments are just stupid.

    It’s a fun distraction to have this “prognosticator” animal, it gives everyone a chance to drink up and cheer on a team. It’s *supposed* to be pure fun.

    Get it?

    Predict on, Paul, you’re the Golden Boy.

  32. Peace says:

    May the best team win!!!!!

  33. booboo says:

    haa.. didnt know people now believe in octopus.

  34. geen says:

    Why Paul did not open the cover ?

  35. Shabnam says:

    I thought Paul was a legend but I am going to have him in my Paella tonight. Silly octopus.

    Germany is going to win the WC.

  36. barun says:

    he is going to be wrong this time,because he is not aware that ,’i’…barun going to be support spain…so he/she might be wrong………..my supporting team lose every match during this world cup 2010.

  37. cindy says:

    gooo spain

  38. maitrey says:

    hahahahahahaha……. i knew it…. spain gonna win… no doubt.. villa hat trick

  39. Germ says:

    I love Tarquin’s comment!!

  40. Germ says:

    Barun, hope your team lose again this time, without fail . hahhaha

  41. lol says:

    @ Tarquin
    Well, there will be one more Germany match after this, either 3rd or 1st place so Paul can have his *last* chance at that point just so not to be 100% accurate according to your logic, haha.

  42. Sashi says:

    Now everybody starts bashing the poor octopus for predicting a Spain victory. does this mean that only the Germans have their trust on Paul ??? we can only wonder! 😮

    btw, Spain will end all German hopes bcoz the players will outplay them and since Paul says so 🙂

  43. ain rahman says:

    i don’t care whatever prediction he made..but 4 me Germany always the winner..yeah GO GERMANY!!let’s ROAR!!

  44. Ratz says:

    hahha….well….looks like most of these comments who said he’s fake or mistaken…wouldn’t come if Paul had picked the german’s one!!!

    Nothing matters….really…He picked the perfect one for the last time in this WC…


  45. Germ_Fan_Nepal says:

    That Octopus must be on my plate…….. Good Teams dont need octopuss to win……… Go Germans…………..

  46. Shalin says:

    Hey…i’ve neva tasted octopus..I liked al da predictions….n dat was juz coincidence..Mayb Paul got distracted by da red and yellow colors of Spain..If datz wat he predicted den i’d wan u to roast him n giv it to me…It’ll b my pleasure!

  47. anti-nazis says:

    haha.. i thought german fans respected the octopus.. now they want to fry it.. such losers

  48. Bob de Leeuw says:

    I don’t care what that octopus predicts….I already know the outcome of the WC!!!Its simple HOLLAND will be the next CHAMPS!!!!DONE!!!!hahahaha

  49. reese says:

    It’s probably because Spain has more red.

  50. bleron says:

    not going to happen germany is too strong to let their faith on one silly octopus…

  51. remrow says:

    I hope it is wrong!
    Crazy octopus!

  52. john says:

    who cares about paul?… what matters is what happen on the pitch. I think it will be a spain holland final…

  53. Morgan says:

    I share u to everyone now……The result will end 3-2…..i have some game…!! i play some match only…Example… result is zero…that is mean i don play….untill now i never lose…but goal score is i’m not sure…but the winner is 3-2 …..spain will win…!!

    Uruguay Vs Holland…My result is zero….SO i don play that game…IF my result is like that, mostly winner team is eat-ball…Maybe Uruguay,,,But i don play, b Coz not sure…..

    Ps..3-2 Spain Win….

  54. iz says:

    @ Tarquin
    i am sorry. i want germany to win. but i think the octopus is right. he also has a chance to predict germany’s 3rd place match. Also, in this world cup, no team can beat more than two big teams altogether. germany has done argentina and england. they cant do anymore big team. spain has done portugal and will do germany, but cant do holland. holland has done only brazil and can still do one more big team. trust me on this analysis.
    i actually wanted germany to win the world cup, but the odds are against them. paul too, is against them. can they prove us wrong?

  55. Claire says:

    dont you people realise that paul the octopus always choose the flag on the right..he never choose the flag which is on the left…look through all the pictures ..he’s always going for the box on the right not the left..They should try putting Germany flag on the right maybe paul will go for germany cause the box is on the right..

  56. bob says:


    SPAIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Shmatalie says:

    Thank you Eva, for reminding us that this is *just* a bit of fun. That’s all, people, that’s all….. it’s an octopus who can see in black & white, how psychic can he really be? Just don’t compare eating an octopus to eating children, and I’m totally with you 🙂

    I also like the dude, on this particular article’s thread, who chose to give himself the “anti-nazi” moniker and then proceeded to call German fans “losers.” Respected, the octopus? Really, most Germans actually by into that idea? Umm… Again, just a bit of fun, anti-nazi, just a bit of fun. In the meantime, puh-leez fast forward 50 years and come out of your racist hidey-hole. It’s just soccer, anyway. Sheesh.

  58. Kevin says:

    its not because the octopus said so, spain’s gonna thrash germany out of their own talent!! spain’s way better than germany….germany has been too lucky throughout….now that they’re facing spain, even luck cant help them…

  59. picci s. says:

    It’s sad to hear that Paul has predicted Spain winning tomorrow…I hope he made a mistake!

  60. yemeni beauty says:

    i love u paul .. spain ganna rock and kick sm asses

  61. Tima says:

    I hope that paul might be mistaken this time,please God,let Germany win.

  62. TACOSAUCE says:

    germany has scored more goals,looks more talented,PASSES THE BALL MORE,I really like both teams…but from the way it is…it looks as if germany has played better then spain…BUT spain has done pretty well throughout this tournament…if they win the world cup they’ll be the FIRST team to lose the first match and win the world cup…and It’ll be the first time spain wins a world cup…it’ll be nice to see spain win…but then again germany has talent too….

  63. jai says:

    Germany will win. Spain has been lucky and octopus should be in sushi!

  64. VRH says:

    GOD plzz help THE GERMANS…..I want to see LAHM with trophy……..

  65. Dk says:

    Our Own Nimmi.. six month old angel has his own ways of prediction and he has predicted a Spain and Uruguay Final!
    His modus operandi.. Simple!

    Show him two hankies and the one he grabs and puts in his mouth is the winner…-:-)

  66. shqipja says:

    I think it is a trick,, germans are better and they showed more good form than spain,, so i do not belive to octapus, or better say this time he is wrong

  67. Morgan says:

    The referee for this match is going to be Hungarian Viktor Kassai. ……..

    Good luck for SPAIN!!!!

    3-2 spain win..

  68. charbel says:

    pfff are u serious guys!!!!!!!!!!GERMANY will win this worldcup no matter what that silly octopus says!SINCE WHEN DO WE BELIEVE IN OCTOS??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!btw this octopus is going to be bked soon

  69. dinesh says:

    this octopus is right …and spain will won the match…we dont forget the loss which argentina and england bear…………

  70. David Villa 81 says:

    YEAH! I’ll score again against the so-far lucky Germans, simply cos Spain plays as a cohesive team!

  71. why?! says:

    screw you, octopus!
    i hope you drown aaaaaaaaaaaah :[
    please PLEASE PLEASE be wrong</3

  72. Marc says:

    Before the Germany England match Paul literally entered in the box with
    the German flag and the result was 4:1(2) for Germany.

    Before the Germany Argentina match it took him and hour to even come close to
    the box with the German flag and the victory was a lot easier 4:0. So the conclusion isss?

  73. alex says:


  74. Deutschland uber alles says:

    Germany will win this match!Hail Odin! Sadly, the aquarium has stated that,” if Germany does not win, Paul will be retired and probably end up on someone’s plate.” Wow, that’s not very loyal now is it? At any rate, we all know Paul will be spared and Germany will trounce Spain.

  75. arnav says:

    spain is gonna win…viva espana!!

  76. Paul's manager says:

    Paul isn’t a psychic octopus, he’s a time-travelling octopus which is a bit of a cheat really. Unfortunately, the mental strain of constantly shifting through time has made Paul a tad confused and I think he has got the Euro result from the last cup and the 2010 world cup result mixed up. So really he has a 100% record in both events, he is just a little time-lagged.

  77. tianypaz says:

    I think that PAUL choosee whats on the right side! everytime he predicts germany is on the RIGHT SIDE!!!!! and now spain is on the right!soooooo…. lets see

  78. ragnar malcolm says:

    Uru vs Ned–>Ned advance.
    Esp vs Ger–>Ger advance.
    So my prediction Germany takes the world.4-1.

    It’s been Germany from day 1.

  79. clarie chazz says:

    i dont know why people are crazy about the prediction. we are goin to watch 22 men on the field, not waitin for some superstitious prediction. If only people believe with the octopus, then why should we wasting our time to watch football anymore? just watch & enjoy the game, end of story. Whatever it is, Germany is my no. 1 fav team of all time.

  80. parul says:

    u gotta bewrong this tym mr. paul….. germany deserved lst tym as well bt cudn’t mk it… this tym the cup iz derez… u cnt betray the country who employed u n made u famous… :@

  81. sara says:

    I kinda hope the octopus is wrong. The only thing I like about Spain is Fernando Torres, and I think a Germany v Holland match would be awesome.

  82. samantha says:

    i hope the octapus is wrong spain is rubbish also the germans should get revenge on the spain players. goooooo germanyyyyyyyy. my prediction 4-1 to germany.:):):):):):):):):)

  83. kaustav says:

    has to be SPAIN-HOLLAND finale!!
    its goin 2b a gr8 showdown…VIVA LA ESPANA!!

  84. maynot says:

    Statistically speaking, Tarquin above is right.
    Even statistic is never 100% correct. Thus, if Paul is right, this octos might be a god 🙂

  85. Nischal says:

    germayn germany man germany the prediction will fail this time

  86. Dj Dipz says:

    man seriously u guys have got to be kiddin me?..haha….predictions from an octopus?….what is the world coming to?..hahha…But anyways Spain all the way! whohooooooo

  87. Robert says:

    Spain will DESTROY the Germans… They will finally play with a team that is willing to go out and play for REAL…Uruguay would have beaten them had they made it to the final…SPAIN…FIFA 2010 WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

  88. solo says:

    Claire wrote:

    dont you people realise that paul the octopus always choose the flag on the right..he never choose the flag which is on the left…look through all the pictures ..he’s always going for the box on the right not the left..They should try putting Germany flag on the right maybe paul will go for germany cause the box is on the right..

    Actually Paul picked the left in the England vs Germany game.

  89. solo says:

    And paul needs to get one wrong to be consistent as he did in 08, so this may be it.

  90. kris-k says:

    i thnk mr. octp is wrong this time, the german machines will take it, and then beat holland as well!

  91. soccerdrules says:

    Paul is my hero

  92. Xiang Xing says:

    Paul is not in the box.. so the prediction is still unclear… Hooray!!!

  93. ragul says:

    i hope that paul was wrong this time!!
    looking at all the comments!! there are so many people wishing well for Germany!
    so all that good energy will make paul’s prediction come wrong this time!!!!!

  94. Gabriel says:

    Spain – Germany will played into extra time
    Golden ball to the team with the better fitness
    Who else but the young German team.
    If on penalty kicks – then Spain is the better side.

  95. Angela says:

    Germany will definitely win!!!! I love Germany!!!

  96. tranthu says:

    i don’t believe. Germany will win this match. germany is the champion of WC 2010

  97. tranthu says:

    I Love Germany!Germany is the most wonderful.

  98. Kurniawan says:

    why predicting spain won?? because many people prefer the German candidate to win. so that betting markets balanced, octopus prefers spayol
    I think germany will beat spain 2:0.. and octopus will sulk. xixix

  99. sunita kc says:

    octopus paul we r waiting for yr prediction on

    Please Predict one thing for us that is the match between
    Spain VS Chaina

    Stadium:-Durban Stadium,South Africa
    Match Time:-18:30GMT

  100. Majapahit_Jaya says:

    The Octopus has 80% of accuracy. We have a columnist named Djoko Suud that only wrong-predicted 2 matches in World Cup 2006. In WC 2010, his accuracy (’til Netherland vs Uruguay) is still 100% (although he predicted the matches in knock-out stages only). And he predicts:”Der Panzer Seruduk Matador!” a.k.a “Der Panzer Strikes El Matador!”

  101. John says:

    Germany will never ever touch the Cup. Condolence !! Germany…

  102. sam says:

    viva espanya glory to the spanish they deserve 2 win as they have come this far

  103. prajjwol bhattarai says:

    well hope his prediction is like feburary…. every year its 28 days but in leap year its 29…..not the same so hope he is wrong this time 🙂

  104. Ritesh says:

    What’s this shit??Everytime paul predicts a German victory,it holds true for everyone.But when he predicts Spain,all the idiots think he is wrong…Spain’s gonna win this one,no doubt about it..Germans are in more pressure than Spain.So they’ll gonna make some mistakes..Spain is gonna capitalise on them and Germany will have to play a 3rd place match like last time.

  105. Jamali says:

    just wait 19 hrs… more

  106. bryan&FoOeL says:

    My in INDONESION>>
    I am bryan&FoOeL prediction Germany vs Spain……..0-5 to Spain…!!!!
    spai go to world cup 2010…… SPAIN THE WINNER sejati….!!!!!

  107. nala says:

    o geez spain seriously this octupus needs to get eatin germany is gonnna run circles around spain go deuschtland

  108. pravin says:

    dis will b wrong as euro cup final prediction…

  109. Claudine says:

    The question they asked ” Paul ” was not, who is going to win the game, but ” Who has the better looking team ” and he answered…. 🙂

  110. Fenn says:

    @ Eva: you just took the fun out of the distraction.

    @ people who think that Germany got lucky, i think the scorelines speak for themselves.

    Deutscheland all the way!!!

  111. Michel Aung San says:

    2010 World Cup is for Germany!

  112. Christina says:

    I think it’s a trick to control the “bets” $$$ maybe it’s a conspiracy!

  113. Ravi says:

    Lets get that little octo fried and celebrate the victory of Germany! 😉 The little creature can’t predict the human game 😀 !

  114. haziq says:

    stupid octopus !!!!


  115. syafiq says:

    your predict is wrong… If germany win I will eat you!!!!

  116. sunita kc says:

    all rumours………….
    Germany has gained more straingth & energy winning over Spain……………..n winning the worldcup 2010…………
    Octopus Paul is busy on predicting on the match between spain vs Chaina

  117. aryan sharma says:

    this is bizarre it shouldn’t be happening::::::xxxxxxxxxx

  118. Arun says:

    Its germay to win …

    Octop is wrong … becoz world s watchin his predictions…

  119. Jun says:

    Hey, is that Peter or Paul. Think it is showing the wrong octopus.

  120. Milan says:

    This is 21st century common guys and girls chills out..lets not believe on the animal Octupos..and its sure Germany will get victory of 4-2

  121. Thang moody says:

    Germany 3 spain 1, yeah! Dats wat i saw in my dream…i also the police lookin 4 octopus paul as he dissapear leavin a suicide note due to humiliation.. Hagagagaga

  122. mahroo says:

    i really like this wonderful octopus but i love german too.so i hope this time octopus is wrong.i think the world cup is for germans.they are doing great as everyone saw what they did to england and argentina.go on germany!the cup is yours!

  123. purple says:

    Good goin octo m all 4 Spain!!!!! yeah!!

  124. rasha says:

    that’s Completlyy falseee & unreal ….. in 2008 he predicted that spain gonna win,but this wasn’t true
    cnt believe that :O

  125. Sam Sumkabungs says:

    yeahh…..Spain is going to win…..and if it doesn’t, then beware Paul…..u r going to be my dinner soon…… 😛

  126. Haran says:

    Germany is going to win world cup 2010…..
    1994 – Brazil, 1970 – Brazil = 1994 + 1970 = 3964
    1986 – Argentina, 1978 – Argentina = 1986 + 1978 = 3964
    1990 – Germany, 1974 – Germany = 1990 + 1974 = 3964
    2002 – Brazil, 1962 – Brazil = 2002 + 1962 = 3964…
    …So, 3964 – 2010 = 1954. …… 1954 World cup winner is Germany…
    1954 World cup winner will be 2010 Winner…………… Amazing isn’t it?????

  127. yaays says:

    I don’t belive to prediction of paul,but i belive Spain will Won!

    viva ESPAÑA !!!!!!!

  128. Sohail says:

    Haran you have left behind paul by a long way….

    You mean to say : 3964-2014=1950 so winner of 2014 will be Uruguay. and 3964-2018=1946 so the winner of 2018 WC will be nobody because WC never held in 1946 and the same will be for 2022 WC as there was no WC in 1942.

    And 2026 and 2030 WC will be won by Italy and 2034 WC will be won by again Uruguay by the same logic.

    Hah all the suspense for upcoming WCs is revealed friends. No need to watch them for next 25 years. All the sponsor companies please run behind your winning teams for upcoming WCs

    But there’s a worry????
    How, Itlay has won in 2006 instead of Brasil who was winner in 1958 when 3964-2006=1958,
    Same for France in 1998 where it should be England as it won the WC in 1966 ????

    Any clues guys??????

  129. murt says:

    he probably never even watched a game being that he lives under water.
    he needs to watch a game and learn something.

    lets go usa.

  130. azad says:

    this time ‘paul’ prediction is wrong…
    how dare ‘paul’ pick SPAIN…

  131. bob says:

    we have a wise monkey tha tell germany willwin 1-0 he havent wrong with any matches from 10 years

  132. baju says:

    I am gonna order calamari on my next dine out. lots of em!

  133. Nits says:

    did dat stupid octopus predicted siberian victory ova germany in group stage too..???… if ya.. den spain iz gonna win…..

  134. saroj adhikari says:

    fucking prediction by octupus paul …… Germany will beat spain …i want to see Germany in final …if Spain wins i will pay 200$ to all the people who have left comment in this site …

  135. sunita kc, Nepal says:

    German Supporters are requested to not belive such type of
    all these types of rumours………….
    Germany has gained more straingth & energy winning over Spain……………..n winning the worldcup 2010…………
    Octopus Paul is busy on predicting on the match between spain vs China

  136. Spaniard says:

    I want 200$

  137. tokonju says:

    I hope that Spain will win! I put 77e on them, god!

  138. Mrgreencool says:

    is it a robot…+_+

  139. anish says:

    who cares of this stupid octopus,he will surely not play on the field its the players who will play, and neither he is god so that’s a stupid thing going on about his predictions

  140. ASshish says:

    poor luck, paul, this time coz germany is gin 2 win over SPAIN!!!!!!.

  141. Alvaro says:

    i’m never liked octopus,

  142. Gopikrishna.K says:

    Prediction will become wrong this time for sure crazy octopus

  143. ASIL says:

    ohh he is really wrong this time (i hope!)
    because germany have klose ozil and podolskii
    and spain only hava david villa
    soo i hope he is wrong

  144. Adib says:

    yep..octopus has never been wrong ..spain the winner

  145. daphne says:

    no preference… just want $200… :p

  146. VM says:

    He is picking the food right next the soccer ball, so last time German flag was next to the ball and this time Spain flag was next to the soccer ball.

  147. chiringuito says:

    I will invite to Fried octopus to everyone in Malaga beach is Spain wins tonite!!

  148. George says:

    I hope he is wrong. GERMANY IS THE BEST

  149. Bhoot says:

    I would like to know a good chef… i suddenly feel the apetite for octopuses…i want paul and only paul… i am not gonna let this world worship a 2 year old 8 legged freak… i am ready to pay any1 who can cook and serve me paul and we can have him off the news…

    Issued in the public interest of the people of the World get a life not an octopus…

  150. lynn says:

    hope he’s right anw i’m watching the match now and spain is playing way better than germanyy

  151. Eight-legged says:

    A real scientist will swap the boxes and see whether its stick to spain again 🙂

  152. Fardad says:

    octopus ur always right…..yesssssssssssssss……ur right…..

  153. Nayib says:

    The octopus was right!!!

  154. Anthony says:

    I guess Paul was right once again.

  155. Dutch.wins says:

    Hey! i din’t know of paul until a friend told my today and well hes rigth!:D 😀 im dutch myself, and i hoped wyd play vs spain and yea we do were so gonna win world cup!!!!!

  156. Xenjin says:

    The Octopus was right. Spain won. That’s incredible.

  157. RAHAT says:

    Waahhhh….. see, Germans r beaten by the spain (or the octopus)??!!! haha…. good job “paul”……. interesting though!!!! :O

  158. Mishkat says:

    damnn !! IS IT A HOLY GIFT OR WHAT MANN ???

    PAUL is RIGHT AGAIN !!! :\


  159. Jordan says:

    Haha, Spain won German ass’s, Cmon paul, Please let him predict the Holland v spain match, I know ur german, but, it will make it a funner finals

  160. Juan says:

    Paul the octopus knows what he’s talking about. Spain won 🙂

  161. pwned says:

    yep SPAIN WON!!

  162. Jeffery says:

    Paul is really gr8…100 % result this time

  163. andree says:

    hahahah paul was right

    spain won

    tnx paul 😀

  164. Paul - The Octopus says:

    Take that, Silly German fans…… 😀

  165. Mwenda Wa KU says:

    And Spain wins!Shame on the gluttons who wanted to eat up that poor thing.

  166. tokonju says:

    Spain to win in finals, but on penalties.
    Germany to win 2-1, for 3rd place.
    That’s my thinking.

  167. kobsi says:

    Hahaaa…Spain won!
    Where is Tarquin and the rests?

  168. Cruze says:

    This message is for Saroj Adhikari ; Be a man and PAY UP!

  169. Tiffany says:

    @ Tarquin: Just because statistics say it’s 80% doesn’t mean that it has to be 80% every time. There’s always variability. If you flip a fair coin and you get heads (which is a 50% chance), and you can only flip the coin one other time, that doesn’t mean you’re definitely going to get tails. You’re just as likely to get heads again. Same applies to Paul’s predictions. He’s always got that 80% chance of being right (rather high, when considered independently), regardless of what he’s predicted prior.

    Other than that, I’d like to congratulate Spain. (: Although Germany did great too.

  170. Mrgreencool says:


  171. HikesWithEyes says:

    My wife is enroute to Las Vegas with her mom for her mother’s 60th birthday.
    Based on Paul’s latest prediction I have requested that she head immediately to
    the sports book and bet $50 on Spain beating Netherlands.
    Viva Espana!

  172. tina says:

    gud going paulie….so wen r u predicting the final??:)

  173. sap says:

    i think the octopus bribe germany side so they lose and he’s right

  174. baju says:

    wow i am impressed, now i know where to look for my next betting tips

  175. ANGeL says:

    I wanted Germany to win, Holland vs Germany would be a great match. But I knew it Spain would win. Spain vs Holland for the final, I pick Holland! GO DUTCHIES!!

  176. PUSH-OCTO says:


  177. subash says:

    its very sad news for germany’s fan bcoz octupus prediction has bcom true again.and spain will win the final too.
    dont cry germans fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Sohail says:

    Germans were made to see hell by spain… well you can’t everytime steal the show as you did against england and argentina… spain were much better than both of them… anybody watched the match can tell….

    Garmans can’t even make to penalty areas of spain much of the time…. Spain rocks as a team….

    A humble request for $200 on spain win.

  179. Claire says:

    SCREW SPAIN to the ground….IT WAS A LUCKY SHOT…anyways is it true..cos i heard rumours of people saying that they kill the octopus alredi..anyways again….SCREW SPAINNNN TO THE GROUND…HOLLAND PLEASEEEEE WINNNN …HOLLAND WE KNOW U GUYS CAN DO ITTTT…

  180. Psychedilic says:

    Hey I like the fuckin prediction of octopus hey paul the octopus please ddo predice what i will be in future.hey Kiddin bro.Any way i appreciate your prediction paul keep it up and fuck to the germany and rock for Netherland suckers

  181. plie says:

    when paul predict germany vs uruguay ?????

  182. ronald lwin says:

    Wonderful Paul,fantastic octopus

    Finally it ‘s made me believe the miracle of animals with it’s right prediction.

  183. alicia says:

    saroj adhikari own us money to all of us!!!!! viva Spain!!!! next world cup champion

  184. Japan says:

    Forget Paul … Go go Peruvian guinea pig or “Cuy” Jimmy 🙂

  185. Pauls Fan says:

    Common…. Show Ur Manship Saroj adhikari.. Pay Us!!!! Man The 8 tentacles are gr8!!!!

  186. Edu Starling says:

    It’s just a matter of semantics: Paul isn’t right, Paul is ON THE RIGHT. The real predictor is the person who chooses which flag will be on each box. The box on the right is Paul’s favourite

  187. day_of_the_tentacle says:

    Reminds me at the Shakira song, “Squids don’t lie”.

  188. vinod says:

    Now the fifa world should allow octopuses to participate in World Cups…..it would be better playing with eight legs rather than two….

  189. Nigella says:

    LOL at Vinod’s comment! Octopuses and parrots!

  190. arzaan says:

    the octopus looks like a squid but its a crazy idea using an octopus and the octopus must be confused that why are they using me

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