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Ovechkin Taking Dancing Lessons In Turkey

While the Chicago Blackhawks were busy winning the Stanley Cup, the world’s best hockey player was recovering from another disappointing NHL season in sun-drenched Turkey surrounded by beautiful women.  Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovetchkin may even be preparing for a stint on Dancing With The Stars.

We’ve got steamy details thanks to Russian website Life Sport via Alex Ovetjin:

Taking off from wearisome clothes, Ovechkin wore only (tiny!) shorts and a constant red cap, inflated hockey and indulged in a little human joys. Drinks, bathing in the sea, sweet idleness and … dancing on the deck excursion boat. What a good time! Ovey spent a lot of hours dancing, and what a good teacher he had! not only professional, but also beautiful.

The luxurious brunette did not depart the hockey star for a second, showing him more and more steps. With admirable patience — like a first grader! — Ovechkin learned the complex elements, which might be useful on the ice. However, even if he doesn’t use his new dancing knowledge next season, Ovechkin on the dance floor will definitely pass for a star.

I’m sure Gary Bettman is calling ABC right now.

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