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North America’s top 20 sports cities in 2014
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The year is almost over so now’s a good time to take a look back at 2014 and see which North American cities were the most successful when it came to their professional sports franchises.

Some cities are fortunate enough to have teams in all of the top leagues, such as the NFL (football), NBA (basketball), MLB (baseball), NHL (ice hockey) and MLS (soccer). However, other communities may have just one or two pro franchises to cheer for.

For the 2014 rankings, cities have to have at least two pro sports franchises in their greater metropolitan area. The clubs’ records were all taken into account and divided by the number of teams to come to the city’s overall winning percentage. Of course, these numbers may change ever so slightly from now until the end of the year since the NBA, NHL and NFL are still all in action. The records used for the rankings were regular-season games only and no playoff contests.

2014 North American Sports Rankings by City’s Winning Percentage

1- Portland, Oregon-67.7%
2- Seattle, Washington-62.5%
3- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-60.8%
4- Baltimore, Maryland-60.4%
5- Vancouver, British Columbia 58.9%
6- Cleveland, Ohio-57.1%
7- Cincinnati, Ohio-56.2%
8- Toronto, Ontario 55.9%
9- St.Louis, Missouri-55.3%
10- San Diego, California-54.5%
11- Houston, Texas-54.5%
12- Dallas, Texas-54.3%
13- San Francisco, California 54.1%
14- Los Angeles, California-54.1%
15- Boston, Massachusetts-53.4%
16- Kansas City, Missouri-53.3%
17- Oakland, California-53.2%
18- Atlanta, Georgia, 52.4%
19- Washington D.C-52.4%
20- Indianapolis, Indiana-51.3%

As for the bottom feeders, Charlotte, North Carolina took last place at 29.8 per cent and was perhaps surprisingly followed by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 40.9 and New York City and Tampa Bay, Florida at 41.6 per cent. One of the biggest surprises was Toronto ranking number eight at 55.9 per cent since the NHL’s Maple Leafs and MLS Toronto FC, and MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays all missed the playoffs. The Raptors NBA team was the only Toronto club to reach the postseason.

Baltimore finished with a winning percentage of 51.3% last year and rose to fourth in 2014. The MLB Baltimore Orioles won a division championship and the NFL’s Ravens have equaled their wins of 2013 already. Also Portland topped the 2014 rankings, but their numbers dropped a total of 5.6% from last year. Buffalo was last place in 2013 and have jumped nine positions this year. The biggest fall came in Charlotte as they city had a 58.6% record in 2013 and it was cut in half to 29.8 in 2014. Also, last year’s number one city, Indianapolis, fell to 20th place and Denver, Colorado dropped to 27th from third.

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