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Added October 7th, 2014 by Ian

NFL’s Thursday Night Football not competitive
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A lot of NFL fans aren’t too happy with Thursday night football games so far this season even though it gives them another night to watch their favourite sport and teams in action. Nobody’s complaining about the actual Thursday Night Football national telecasts, they’ve been disappointed with the action on the field instead. The three most one-sided games in the 2014 campaign have taken place on the past three Thursday nights.

In week three of the season the Atlanta Falcons blew the doors off of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by 42 points for the biggest margin of victory up to now. Green Bay beat the Minnesota Vikings by 32 points in week five and a seven days earlier the New York Giants manhandled the Washington Redskins by 31 points in a 45-14 rout. For neutral fans who like to see a lot of scoring you’d think these games might make them happy. But it appears that fans would rather watch more competitive contests on Thursday nights.

Atlanta actually had a 56-point lead over Tampa Bay, but then took their foot off the gas and settled for their 56-14 win. Green Bay also took it easy after building up a 42-point lead and sitting on it for a 42-10 victory. There have been five Thursday night telecasts so far in the new season and all five of them have seen the winners come out on top by a minimum of 20 points. There have been 17 games decided by at least 20 points and five have them have taken place on Thursdays.

Some fans believe the blowouts may be the result of teams having a shorter rest break when having to play on Thursday, but both teams are in the same boat. All of the Thursday blowouts have been divisional contests, which are typically quite competitive and close. Nobody could predict that Washington would be beaten by 32 points in an NFC East showdown or that Minnesota wouldn’t be able to compete with Green Bay.

Some fans are blaming the NFL itself for the poor quality of Thursday games since nobody really asked for Thursday night football in the first place. The NFL obviously doesn’t believe in the “less is more” saying. However, the season is just five weeks old and things could change dramatically over the rest of the campaign. Later in October fans will be able to tune into the Denver Broncos vs San Diego Chargers showdown and then the New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers. But even if these games are also blowouts, fans will still be tuning in because it seems everything the NFL does turns to gold when it comes to television ratings, no matter what day of the week it is.

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