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NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars commit to playing in England until 2020 – SportsUntapped.com
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NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars commit to playing in England until 2020
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The NFL and the Jacksonville Jaguars recently announced that the Florida-based team will play at least one home game at Wembley Stadium in London, England up until the year 2020. The NFL International Series has been a big hit with sellout games at Wembley for the past few years and it will continue. The Jaguars currently have an agreement to play a home game at the famous stadium until next year and this will now be extended for several more years.

At the moment, the Jaguars aren’t the only NFL club playing in England as the league has agreed to hold two games at Wembley per season until 2020. The football league also has an option to extend the deal longer if it decides to. This means there will be at least four games held in the Britain’s capital city starting in 2018. This is because the NFL has also agreed to hold two games per season at the new stadium of English Premier League soccer club Tottenham Hotspur. The soccer team currently plays at White Hart Lane, but is expected to move to their new 61,000-seat ground once it’s built and ready to go in 2018. Once it’s been completed, the NFL has agreed to play two games a year there for 10 years.

Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jaguars said he’s been happy with the way things have worked out in London and the attendances and fans have been fantastic. He said the NFL puts on a world-class show at Wembley and he’s glad to extend the commitment until 2020. He added that London if now officially the club’s home away from home. The NFL was also pleased with Khan’s decision to commit to more games since the league is anxious to grow its fan base in Europe.

The new Tottenham Hotspur stadium is supposed to be quite high-tech since it will be built with a retractable grass surface for soccer and an artificial grass surface below it which will be used for the NFL. Boris Johnson, the outgoing mayor of London, said he hopes the city will soon get a permanent NFL franchise of its own. Rumours have circulated that Jacksonville may eventually relocate to London since Khan also owns the Fulham soccer team in London.

The NFL has been playing games in London since 2007 with several different teams taking part since then. One of the big selling points for the deal with Tottenham Hotspur is the fact the NFL will have its own playing field at the new stadium. Many soccer teams have been wary of renting out their venues to American football teams since they believe the sport can ruin the playing surface. This way everybody’s happy and the state-of-the-art stadium could set a precedent in Britain as other new venues may follow suit.

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