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NFL player turns to Olympics after being forced to retire – SportsUntapped.com
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NFL player turns to Olympics after being forced to retire
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David Wilson was drafted into the NFL just two years ago by the New York Giants, but has already been forced to retire from professional football. Wilson walked away from the game a couple of weeks ago following the advice of doctors. They told him he could suffer some irreparable damage if he aggravated a serious neck injury that he suffered during a contest just last October. However, the 23-year old hasn’t retired from all sport since he’s now turning to track and field.

When he retired, Wilson told the press, “I’ll set another dream and be great at that because I always look at trying to be great at whatever I do.” His next goal is to make the American Olympic team as a triple jumper for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. Wilson recently told a class full of high school students in New York City that he intends to head back to school to earn his degree and then start training for the Olympics.

Perhaps it’s not really that much of a surprise since Wilson said he was a two-time national champion when he was in high school and when he attended college at Virginia Tech he was an All-American. Doctors told Wilson he could easily aggravate his neck injury by playing a sport such as football due to all of the physical contact in it. However, he figures his neck should be fine for triple jumping.

Wilson said he never thought about the triple jump when playing football as all he thought about was his career with the Giants. But since ha can’t participate in it anymore he has turned his attention back to the track. He remarked that he knows there’s a lot more to life than just one thing and he’s confident of his jumping abilities. He added that when one door closes another one opens and he’s planning on entering it.

The best jump in Wilson’s track and field career came at the NCAA Championships back in 2011 when he jumped 16.20 metres. This was good enough for sixth place in the event and the jump would have placed him 10th at the Olympic trials two years later. Because of his relatively young age and with fulltime training it’s certainly possible that he could earn a spot on the American Olympic team two years down the road.

The former football player announced that he isn’t sure where his training base will be located since he’s also looking into some opportunities in broadcasting at the moment. He said he’ll decide where to start training once he finds out if he gets any broadcasting offers.

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