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NFL Considering Changes to Playoff Overtime – SportsUntapped.com
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Added March 18th, 2010 by Scott

NFL Considering Changes to Playoff Overtime
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The annual NFL owners meeting will kick off this coming Sunday. One of the issues on the table will be altering overtime rules for the postseason. Under the new proposal, each team would be given one possession. If the score is still tied after that, overtime will continue under sudden-death rules.

This change would apply to the playoffs only, not the regular season. In order for it to go through, 24 votes are needed. Evidently, better kickers and return men have shifted the statistics in favor of the team that wins the coin toss.

“Changes occurred over time, and the numbers have changed to 59.8 percent winning the coin toss and winning the game. The team that loses the coin toss wins 38.5 percent. We are trying to put in a system that emphasizes more skill and strategy as opposed to the randomness of the coin flip.”

Personally, I have no problem with the current system. As the old adage says, defenses get paid too. If one team can’t stop the other, then they deserve to lose. This will definitely change people do football betting on sportsbooks. That being said, I do think the change would bring a new level of excitement to the playoffs, which are already pretty damn thrilling.

Will it pass? I’d put the chances at about 50/50. Owners are often resistant to rocking the boat. However, if they feel it can improve the viewing experience and competitiveness, they will pull the trigger. Stay tuned for the answer sometime next week. Man if this happens, this is going to change a lot of things how people bet on football. It could go either way, some people might start to bet on sports more or quit.

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9 Responses to “NFL Considering Changes to Playoff Overtime”

  1. Stephen says:

    They don’t necessarily need to give each team a possession but a TD should be required to win not a field goal. They seem way to easy to achieve these days, especially in domed stadiums and under artificial turf. It’s not real uncommon for a kicker in those conditions to kick a 50+ yard field goal. A defense doesn’t really stand a chance if the team that wins the coin toss gets a good return.

  2. jared says:

    i agree with a few of the other posters here. i like the sudden death format. its not like its not giving the other team a fair chance. beef up your defense and get the ball back. eliminate overtime field goals and require a touchdown. this eliminates those 30-40 drives just to make field goal range. increases the excitement. think of all the fourth downs inside the 20 where a td is needed to win the game. if both teams score then you’re back to the main issue of where you started. just dont make it like college.

  3. Craig says:

    I’ve always felt it should be semi-sudden-death. If the team that wins the flip can score a TD, then game over. If they only score a FG, the other team gets a go at it.

  4. anonym says:


  5. authorisstupid says:

    “Personally, I have no problem with the current system. As the old adage says, defenses get paid too. If one team can’t stop the other, then they deserve to lose.”

    Wow. Just wow. So why exactly did that team deserve to have to go on defense in the first place? A f*cking coin flip.

  6. redonthehead says:

    I like this idea actually. I’ve always thought that each team should be given a chance to score. It makes the game less reliant on a coin flip, which I think most football fans can agree is not the way you would like your season to end. A chance is all I’d like, and this offers that.

  7. Brian says:

    I agree with authorisstupid — And what if both teams’ defenses stink, or both offenses are just that good? This is not uncommon in today’s game.

    @anonym — they tie.

  8. tonya says:

    i hope it does change. current system is just lame.

  9. Joe says:

    I’ve always wondered why they don’t have some other tie-breaking system such as
    if the the score is tied at the end of the game, the team with the most yards wins.
    There are so many games where the worst team wins because of some goofy turnover or something anyway.
    Give the win to the team that’s really produced the most overall in the game.

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