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NCAA College Football Betting

Betting on NCAA college football is great for a number of reasons. First, there are a lot of games to bet on, making Saturdays a lot more fun. For professional bettors, college football betting offers some opportunities that betting on the NFL can’t offer.

For one thing, there are a lot more NCAA games every week than NFL games. For most online sportsbooks, this means that fewer resources are available for creating accurate odds for small-school games. Bettors that put in the time to become experts of small-school football programs can find good value bets every week.

This is also a good reason for bettors to have accounts at a number of online sportsbooks. You’ll find a wider range of odds in NCAA college football betting than you will for the NFL. Take advantage of sportsbooks that are offering strangely good point spreads in comparison to most of the other sportsbooks.

For professional bettors looking to improve their profits, we suggest choosing either NCAA football or NFL football betting, not both. To become an expert and top winner takes time & a lot of research. It’s tough to focus on both of these leagues since their seasons run concurrently. If you can’t commit to just one, at least be very selective about the bets you make.

Best Online Sportsbooks for Betting on College Football

1/ US bettors welcome. This is the book that the other books wait for. Considered the king for college football betting, lots of other online sportsbooks wait until posts their lines before they do. They do this to make sure their own lines are solid. is a huge, secure online sportsbook where bettors can wager from $5 to $20,000 on a single bet. They offer online and phone betting, and customer service is excellent.


2/ Bodog Sportsbook: US bettors welcome. The Bodog Sportsbook has been around since 1994, and taken several billion dollars worth of bets since then. With a great online poker room and casino added in recent years, Bodog has become the largest online gaming company in the world. The options for betting on NCAA college football seem endless, and the betting software is simple to navigate.

Bodog offers all of the most popular deposit options for US and non – US bettors, so anyone can play here. Betting limits for college football range from $1 – $5000 per bet.

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3/ Diamond Sportsbook (DSI): US bettors welcome. DSI is a partner of, meaning their financial security is very solid. Players can be comfortable knowing their money is safe here. While these two companies are partners, Diamond Sportsbook runs their own lines, giving punters more betting options. having an account at each sportsbook is a good idea, then compare the odds at each place.

Diamond Sportsbook offers the same, simple deposit options as, which include Visa credit & debit cards for US bettors, plus several online wallets as well. For non – US bettors, every options under the sun is available to you.

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4/ US bettors welcome. offers bettors a wide range of betting types, with options that can’t be found at  other sportsbooks. They get creative with their betting types, making this a fun site to place bets. great for the casual bettor, and a book that serious bettors should have accounts at as well. is known for having possibly the highest success rate for Visa credit & debit card deposits. They also offer plenty of online wallets for US and non – US bettors. Single bet limits range from $5 – $5000.


Types of NCAA College Football Bets

The types of college football bets are basically the same as the NFL. Straight bets using point spreads, money line, and over/under bets are the most popular. If you’re looking for high risk-high reward, parlay bets are for you.

College Football Straight Bets

Straight bets can be made at every online sportsbook. Straight bets have a point spread, and to win a bet your team needs to cover their spread. Point spreads are how sportsbooks even out a game, being able to offer odds of 11/10 on either team.

To make it simple, if the Florida Gators are expected to beat Tennessee by 6 points, they’ll have a point spread of -6 meaning that they’re giving Tennessee 6 points. If they beat Tennessee by more than 6 points, they’ve covered the spread. If they beat Tennessee by less than 6 (or lose outright) they did not cover the spread, but Tennessee did. In this case you’d take Florida at -6 or Tennessee at +6. At most sportsbooks, if Florida won by exactly 6 points, the bet would become a ‘push’, and you’d get your wager back with no profits or loss. There are a few sportsbooks that would call this a loss though, so make sure you check the rules before making your bets.

The intention of point spreads is to create an even betting market, meaning that half of the bets will be placed on one team, and the other half on the opponent. With odds of 11/10, the sportsbooks stands to make the 11/10 difference on every bet placed. So, the sportsbooks don’t care who wins or loses, they only care about evening out the market.

With 11/10 odds, a bet of $110 is required to make a $100 profit, for a total payout of $210.

Straight bets are the most common way to bet on football, but plenty of other options are available as well.

NCAA Football Money Line Betting

Money line bets are essentially straight bets with no point spread. So, the odds are based directly on the matchup itself. If one team is a heavy favorite to win, they will have much lower odds than the underdog.

For example, the same Florida vs Tennessee game which was listed at -6/+6 on the point spread with 11/10 odds, will have a money line something like -180 for Florida and +160 for Tennessee. This means that to win $100 on Florida, you’d have to wager $180. On the other hand, you could bet $100 to win $160 on Tennessee.

Money line bets are based on $100 bets, just for simplicity. Any odds listed with a – means that is the wager amount required to win $100. A -200 would require a $200 bet to win $100 in profit, for a total return of $300. Any odds with a + means that is the amount to win from a $100 wager. A +200 would require a $100 bet to win $200, for a $300 return.

Bets do not have to be placed in $100 increments, and most online sportsbooks have minimum wager amounts ranging from $1 – $5.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting is a simple bet on how many points both teams in a game will score. Online sportsbooks will set a predicted total of points scored, and your job is to decide whether the two teams will score more (over) or fewer (under) points than the sportbook has predicted. If you’re right, you win. If you’re wrong, you lose. Simple concept.

Over/under betting NCAA football games can be tough to pick. Lots of crazy things happen in college football, so big upsets and strange results occur every week. Unless you really know your stuff, betting over/unders can be a tough way to make a living.

Parlay Betting for NCAA College Football

A parlay bet is where you pick 2 or more teams to win, combining the bets for greater odds. Each team in your parlay must win by covering the spread, and the more teams in your parlay, the higher the odds.

Online sportsbooks vary in the number of teams that can be put into one parlay bet, but some offer as many as 12 teams. This means you can pick up to 12 teams in one parlay bet, offering odds in the neighborhood of 600/1. A $100, 12 team parlay bet could turn into a $60,000 win, but all 12 teams would have to win. Good luck with that.

Parlay betting NCAA games can be better than the NFL. In the NFL you have a smaller selection of games to choose from, meaning a harder time finding solid picks. In the NCAA however, there are so many games every week that you can be more selective about the games you put into your parlay.

Parlay bets are always tougher to pick, so choose games you feel really good about, and don’t add too many games to your ticket. For more consistent parlay wins, keep each ticket to 3-4 games. If you go higher than that, be ready to protect your wins.

Protect Your Parlays

Lets say you have a 6 team parlay, and the first 5 teams have all won. Now you’re down to the 6th and final game in the parlay. Instead of praying your team wins, you can guarantee yourself a win no matter what the result. Do this by making a bet on the opposing team, for roughly half the size of what you will win if your parlay comes through. Here’s an example:

6 team parlay on a $50 bet pays $2000 (40:1). This is a $1950 profit. If your 6th team loses, you lose your $50 bet and get nothing.

Instead, place a straight bet of $1050 on the opposing team to win. If the opposing team wins, you’ll collect $954 for the straight bet win (11/10 odds), minus $50 for your lost parlay, for a guaranteed profit of $904.

If your parlay goes on to win, you’d get $2000 for that win, minus $50 for the bet, resulting in $1950 profit. Then you minus out the $1050 straight bet you made and end up with a guaranteed profit of $900. Either way you go, you win a minimum of $900. You can also enjoy that last game, instead of stressing about who wins.

Since the point of a parlay is to go for the big win, you can also make a smaller protection bet. Instead of making a straight bet of $1050 on the opposing team, you could make a $300 or $400 bet. This would increase the amount of money you’d make if the parlay comes in, while still giving you a small profit if it loses.

College Football Teaser Bets

Teaser bets are parlays with one major difference. The difference is that on a teaser bet, you can move the spread in your favor, generally 6, 6.5, or 7 points. Since you’re gaining a big edge here, the odds go down.

For example, a two team, parlay pays out 2.6/1, while a 6 point teaser generally pays 10/11. A 3 team parlay pays 6/1, versus 9/5 for a 6 point teaser. If you move the spread 6.5 or 7 points, the odds continue to go down.

While you have a better chance of winning a teaser, you lose odds. In this case, making straight bets is a much better choice.

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