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NBA owner now banned for life from chain of whorehouses

Things definitely haven’t been going too well for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling lately. First he was banned for life by the NBA, fined $2.5 million and told he will be forced to sell the club. He has also found out he’s suffering from prostate cancer, and now to top things off, several brothels in the state of Nevada have also banned him for life.

According to Dennis Hof, he has banned Sterling from entering his Bunny Ranch brothel, which is located close to Carson City. But Hof didn’t stop there. He also banned him from transacting any business at half a dozen other establishments. Hof said a lot of NBA players head to the brothels to party and he’s banning Sterling out of respect to them.

The Clippers owner was originally booted out of the NBA after he was caught making racist remarks on an audio tape with his alleged ex-girlfriend. Hof said he can’t reveal if Sterling has ever visited any of his brothels because he isn’t about to breach any confidentiality agreements. However, he did say that Johnny Buss, who is a part owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, has held a birthday party at the Bunny Ranch for nearly 20 years now and a lot of NBA people visit the site.

Hof went on to say that almost 25 per cent of the prostitutes at his businesses are African-American and he doesn’t need any bigots or racists visiting, even if they are billionaires. Also according to Hof, Sterling isn’t the only guy who’s been banned from his outlets. He said, “We banned the ‘Duck Dynasty’ guys. Those guys are the biggest homophobic assholes and they make their living killing animals. We’ve also banned Michael Vick. We don’t want him here. I couldn’t guarantee his safety from the girls. They love animals.”

According to Hof, Sterling’s ex-girlfriend has been offered a free lifetime pass because she needs to get together with some women who are capable of satisfying her.

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