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NBA considers soccer-style midseason tournament – SportsUntapped.com
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NBA considers soccer-style midseason tournament
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According to Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, the basketball league is considering introducing a mid-season tournament to spice things up. Silver said he’d like to make things more interesting for the fans and is talking about holding a soccer-style event such as the English FA Cup or League Cup. Silver spoke to the press recently down in Las Vegas, where the basketball summer league is being held.

He said the English Football Association (FA) holds a tournament each year in which all of the league’s teams participate in during the regular season. Some weeks the soccer divisions are put on hold while the teams compete in the cup tournament. The FA Cup is open to all types of soccer teams, even the non-professional clubs, while the League Cup is contested by England’s 92 pro outfits.

Silver didn’t go into any specifics about a mid-season basketball contest, but admitted that the league has been looking into the possibility of hosting one. He said that the only thing an NBA team can win is the league playoffs, but European soccer teams have the chance to win their league or one of several domestic and/or European cup tournaments, such as the European Champions League or the Europa League.

The commissioner mentioned Las Vegas as being a possible neutral site for a proposed basketball tournament. The event would give NBA clubs a second trophy to compete for and would also give non-playoff teams the hope of winning something. This would create interest for fans of the league’s weaker teams and those who have no chance of reaching the postseason.

If Silver’s proposal comes true, it would obviously mean the teams would have to play their regular 82-game schedule plus several additional games. This means that a new collective bargaining agreement will likely have to be worked out by the team owners and the NBA players’ union. However, at this point it’s unclear if the players will be looking for higher paycheques if they’re asked to play extra games. Silver said the league is constantly looking at ways to improve itself and make the NBA a bigger attraction across the globe.

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