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NBA boss Adam Silver believes teams aren’t losing on purpose – SportsUntapped.com
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NBA boss Adam Silver believes teams aren’t losing on purpose
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Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, recently stated that he doesn’t believe teams are trying to lose games on purpose even though things may appear that way. However, many basketball fans disagree with him since they believe franchises such as the Philadelphia 76ers are hoping to finish as low as they can in order to get a better draft pick in the offseason. As of Christmas day the 76ers owned the league’s worst record at 4-23.

One of the problems facing Philadelphia is the fact that a couple of their recent draft picks such as Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid have been hampered by long-term injuries and haven’t been able to help the team improve on the court. Of course, the lower the team finishes during the regu7lar season the better chance they have of landing a top choice in the draft lottery.

Silver told the media that he’s actually spoken to the 76ers owners and management regarding possible tanking and has also talked with Magic Johnson, the former great of the Los Angeles Lakers. Johnson recently went on record as saying he hopes the Lakers lose all of their remaining outings so they can get a great player via the draft lottery. Johnson added that there weren’t any superstars in last season’s draft, but there are three or four of them in college basketball this year and the Lakers need to draft one of them.

Silver said the 76ers are also suffering from trading away Andrew Bynum as he has the potential to be an all-star and they lost some other good players in the deal which didn’t work out for the club. The commissioner believes that trade set the club back a bit and so did the drafting of injured players. But he added that Embiid and Noel could turn into great players in the future and may help turn the franchise around. He also believes that top-ranked draft picks don’t guarantee that a franchise will improve.

There have been numerous cases of teams drafting several top players two or three years in a row and their performance on the court doesn’t necessarily improve. Silver believes for a team to be successful it needs good ownership, management and coaching as well as the perfect mix of youth and experience. If the 76ers are trying to tank this season, they’ve got some stiff competition. The Detroit Pistons were 6-23 at Christmas time and the New York Knicks were 5-26. The Minnesota Timberwolves possessed a record of 5-23 and the Lakers were 9-20.

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