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Added July 27th, 2015 by Ian

Cops open fire on vehicle at Tour de France

Police in Paris were looking for four occupants of a vehicle which tried to crash through a barricade before the final stage of the Tour de France on July 26. The incident saw police open fire on the car just a few hours before fans and cyclists arrived in the area. Police said they didn’t believe it was a terrorist-related event, but one wonders why then did they open fire on the vehicle. The car was found later in the day close to the Place de la Concorde with bullet holes in it.

Authorities released a statement which said, “This is a minor incident. It wasn’t aimed at the Tour de France, it’s not terrorism. It’s just a simple refusal to comply, as there are many every day.”

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Added July 7th, 2015 by Ian

NBA star Steve Nash begins pro soccer career

Steve Nash is well known as being one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace a court. It’s also a well-known fact that the 41-year-old South African-born player has a passion for soccer. The All-Pro guard has traded in his basketball shoes for a pair of football boots as the future Hall of Famer was set to make his debut for the B team of the famous New York Cosmos in July 5th. Nash retired from the NBA back in March following 19 glorious seasons in the world’s top basketball competition. He’s also ranked number three in the league in career assists.

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Added May 19th, 2015 by Ian

WNBA newlyweds hit with seven-game suspensions

A bit of an odd story out of America where two WNBA women’s basketball players married each other and have now been handed record suspensions for domestic violence against each other. The two women. Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner, become newlyweds back on May 8 when they exchanged wedding vows at a resort in Phoenix, Arizona with 75 guests in attendance. However, the pair of all-star players were both arrested and charged with domestic violence at their home just a few weeks before they were married.

Griner attended court and came to some kind of agreement with the prosecution and was sentenced to 26 weeks of counseling for disorderly conduct. The municipal court agreed to drop the assault charges if she completes the course. She released a statement to the media after the bust and said, “It is never OK for an argument to turn physical. This will never happen again, and I take my relationship and my responsibility as a role model seriously. I am committed to making positive changes and I plan to use what I have learned to set a good example and help make a difference in the world around me.”

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Added March 1st, 2015 by Ian

Basketball teams thrown out of tournament after trying to lose to each other

A pair of high school girls’ basketball teams were given the heave ho from a recent tournament after they squared off against each other and both tried to throw the game. The contest was between Smyrna High School and Riverdale High School in the state of Tennessee and it was during a District 7-AAA regional tournament. The rules of the event stated that the loser would be placed in a different bracket than Blackman High School, which is one of the top teams in the nation. Unfortunately, the winning team would likely have to face Blackman somewhere down the road.

Both Smyrna and Riverdale had been beaten by Blackman earlier on in the season and neither team liked the idea of meeting them again. Therefore, they figured the best course of action would be to lose if they had any hope of making to the finals of Region 4-AAA. The game soon became quite a farce as neither squad tried to score. Both schools missed their free throws on purpose and numerous half court and 10-second violations took place.

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Added February 16th, 2015 by Ian

High school basketball thriller ends 2-0

Added January 11th, 2015 by Ian

Fan raising $600 million to buy Atlanta Hawks

Added December 16th, 2014 by Ian

North America’s top 20 sports cities in 2014