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Nadal and Federer Might Lose, Djokovic Won’t – SportsUntapped.com
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Added October 13th, 2010 by Jonas

Nadal and Federer Might Lose, Djokovic Won’t
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I just watched Soderling beat Tipsarevic in straight sets which is an indication that he is back to decent form after a few mediocre performances. This made me think of his chances in Shanghai and the draw in general, which in turn made me realize that both Federer and Nadal are in danger of losing today.

But back to Soderling. Indoor courts were always Soderlings surface. It plays fast, there are no strange bounces and the wind doesn’t upset his serve. This is the part of season where he should play his best tennis.

That hasn’t happened in the tournaments leading up to Shanghai Masters, but we saw some of the old Soderling today.

If he keeps up this play he will likely meet Federer in the quarterfinals. They seem destined to always meet there. It is rough for Soderling who loses 90% of the time, but it is also tough for Federer as Soderling always poses a threat – something we saw in Roland Garros.

But will Federer reach the quarterfinal not having played since his US Open loss against Djokovic? Of course he is predicted to do so, but he is bound to be slightly rusty and his first match against John Isner isn’t really the kind of draw you like when you haven’t played matches for a while.

Isner’s serve and big play will surely upset the rhythm of the Fed Express and I think this is a very difficult match for him. I would bet the upset here, and you get really good odds on it too! You get almost 6 times your money on an Isner win at Sportsinteraction and you can also bet on the match live.

Federer is in danger and I would say that so is Nadal playing Wavrinka. Wavrinka has enough game to beat Nadal on hardcourt if he has a good day and Nadal is not his best. This means that I wouldn’t be super surprised if the two top names in the draw are out after only one match. This leaves it open for my favorite to win this tournament – Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic just beat Ljubicic 6-3 6-3 and has looked great since US Open. He will be very difficult to beat, even for Nadal or Federer.

Should they not lose today that is.

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