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Mountaineers Get the Last John Wall Dance – SportsUntapped.com
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Added March 29th, 2010 by Chris

Mountaineers Get the Last John Wall Dance
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Not only did the West Virginia Mountaineers bounce the Kentucky Wildcats from the Big Dance — 4-32 from behind the 3-point arc? Really, Kentucky? Is that the best you can do? — in convincing fashion, they also got the last laugh in when it comes to doing the John Wall Dance. Apparently, John Flowers thought his 4-4-4-5 stat line (points, rebounds, assists, personal fouls) gave him enough credibility to mock better basketball players who did a dance during the first practice of the season that somehow caught on, popularity-wise.

Or something like that.

Am I bitter about the loss and seeing soon-to-be finished-with-his-basketball-playing-career players riding Da’Sean Butler and Joe Mazzulla’s coattails, acting like they were the reason Kentucky lost? Maybe a little. Nevertheless, to the victor goes the spoils and the right to rub in their faces.

Here’s some video of the celebration, if that’s your thing:

I’ve never rooted for Duke before, but after watching the celebration, thanks to a piss-poor performance from Kentucky, I may have to change my outlook. If not that, maybe I’ll hope Brian Zoubek fouls the hell out of John Flowers, although, I’m trying not to be that big of a sore loser, but sometimes, emotions get the best of us.

In all honesty, I don’t see the Blue Devils solving West Virginia’s 1-3-1 zone, but then again, I never would’ve bet on Kentucky missing 20-straight 3-pointers to start the WVU game, either.

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6 Responses to “Mountaineers Get the Last John Wall Dance”

  1. Vernon Harris says:

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Stop being a sore loser, good lord.

  2. Miller says:

    First of what credibility do you have making any comments on that game… You’re a nobody…. John Flowers had a huge impact on the game, enough so for Huggs to name him game MVP…. Keep your analysis to yourself. You’re a bum and your website sucks… Only reason I’m on here is cause I read the byline when I searched google news…. First and last time visitor… Pipe down…

  3. stash drwall says:

    Thanks for posting that. Its great to see the celebration all over again. What fun!

    Now, why are you being so sore? WVU played Kentucky tough, and maybe the reason why KY shot so bad was that WVU already had them rattled. I mean come on, KY is just a bunch of freshmen, 19 year olds. They were just a little scared when they tried to pull away and could not.

    You sound really bad. Man up, loser.

  4. lisa says:

    Boy, you’re not too bitter!! WVU players celebrating just minutes after a big win and theres something wrong with it? WVU was mocked and underestimated the whole season. EVERYONE thought they would get their A** kicked by KU. Stop making excused for KU’s loss. WVU played better and won. They deserve to celebrate, it’s a college tourney, they’re young men having the experience of a lifetime. KU certainly wouldn’t have celebrated if they won, right?!

  5. Paige says:

    “acting like they were the reason Kentucky lost”

    I’m sorry, did Kentucky lose to another team to get booted out of the Final Four? Because the game I watched had them losing to WVU.

    Quit being such a sore loser and give West Virginia some credit… they deserve it.

  6. zach says:

    The reason Kentucky lost is because WV beat them – WV is the better team over-all. Kentucky went 4-32 from the 3 because WV forced them to shoot 3s which Kentucky isn’t particularly great at. In addition, there were two back-court violation calls that went the wrong way and were fairly demoralizing to WV. Mazzula fouled out on a no-foul. Flowers is a great player, plays great D and blocked one of Wall’s 5 attempted layups. WV’s 3-point game avg. was just above the season avg. and WV didn’t make a single 2-point field goal for 90% of the first half. The score probably should have been higher on WV’s part.

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