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Most quarterbacks who pass for 400 Yards lose the game
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Here’s a bit of an odd statistic from the NFL. It seems that most quarterbacks who pass for 400 yards or more in a single game end up losing the contest. It used to be considered a good achievement to toss for 300 yards, but now 400 seems to be the new benchmark. In the 2013 season the 400-yard passing mark was reached by quarterbacks on 24 occasions. So far in 2014 it’s been achieved eight times. Times have changed as just three quarterbacks managed to hit 400 yards back in 2003.

However, in the eight 400-yard passing games this season the quarterbacks’ combined record is 3-5. The latest took place on November 1 when the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning tossed for 438 yards, but lost the game 43-21 in New England to the Patriots and Tom Brady. However, the top three passing performances of the season so far resulted in the three wins. This includes Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning beating the Arizona Cardinals and Matt Ryan of the beating the New Orleans Saints. Also Manning has gone 11-3 in games in which he’s passed for 400 yards.

But Manning appears to be one of the only ones who’s consistently won while hitting 400 yards. Over the past two NFL seasons quarterbacks who passed for 400 yards have a 17-15 winning record, but if you go back a year earlier that record drops to 21-26. During the current decade quarterbacks are 30-46 when passing for 400 yards. Also, ever since the AFL and the NFL merged back in 1970 the record stands at just 105-144-2.

However, when we look at the record for quarterbacks who now pass for 300 yards or more they usually win the game. So far in 2014 that milestone has been reached 62 times and the quarterbacks have a combined winning record of 38-23-1. But a decade ago they went just 36-45.

It looks like the 400-yard mark has replaced the 300-yard mark in terms of passing yards equaling success or lack of success. The most common theory on why quarterbacks who reach 400 yards lose is because their teams fall behind in the game and the quarterback then attempts to get them back in the contest by speeding things up and throwing longer passes.

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