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Monfils Beats Roddick in Marathon Match…and More – SportsUntapped.com
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Added October 9th, 2010 by Jonas

Monfils Beats Roddick in Marathon Match…and More
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Gael Monfils is a fantastic player in some respects and a not so fantastic in others. He has an almost unique way of running down the impossible balls, sliding to it on a hard court, hitting it in an extremely unorthodox way and despite still having to run for another impossible shot, he wins the points. In short: he wins the impossible points.

Sadly for Monfils, tennis is not about impossible points. Tennis is about winning the points when nobody is looking. Points you don’t notice but that win you games, sets, and matches in the end.

Monfils is not so good at that. He is a spectacular player, but he can get stuck two meters behind the baseline, chasing down ball after ball and finally losing matches that he probably should have won judged by his extreme talent. The problem is in his head. He should use his massive wingspan and his great power to control points and play more aggressively. But I guess he fell in love with chasing the impossible, using those points to win over the crowd, but at the same time he might have forgotten the practicality of the win.

Yesterday against Andy Roddick in Rakuten Open we saw the spectacular Monfils. We saw the passive Monfils. But more importantly we saw the winning Monfils. In a tense and well-played match he surprisingly (for both the crowd and himself it seemed) came out with the win 7-6 4-6 7-6.

If this is any indication that Monfils is finally mature enough to take a place in the top ten (where I think he belongs) remains to be seen, but it was a really good match and one that shows us that the tennis season is far from over.

Another player who played a good match yesterday was Ivan Ljubicic who crushed, yes crushed, Andy Murray 6-2 6-3. If we are talking about being too passive on a tennis court with Monfils, Murray has the same problem.

That passive approach was exactly what Ljubicic took advantage of with his big groundstrokes and he came in to the net more than usual, finishing of plenty of points successfully there.

At the time of writing Ljubicic is struggling against an inspired Ferrer in Beijing and Monfils is preparing to go up against Nadal in Tokyo. A thrilling day of late-season tennis!

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