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MMA Stops Hotel Robber
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Whoops! If you are a robber you might want to check the city schedule for planned festivities before you go to pull off a crime. This robber learned the hard way, even though he was armed. See,this hotel just happened to be housing some martial arts experts that were in town to compete in the World Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship in Long Beach, California. Let’s go to the videotape!

The two jiu-jitsu practitioners that stopped the theft were Brent Alvarez, 33, and Billy Denney, 28.

Alvarez owns an MMA gym in Oregon, and Denney is one of his students. They got off the elevator and walked right into the scene of the crime.

From the  LA Times: “The clerk yelled, “Gun! He robbed me!” Alvarez said he saw a flash of the weapon before the suspect plunged it into his bag with the money.

A former hip-hop club bouncer, Alvarez said that 10 years of training in self-defense and defusing conflict kicked in. The suspect didn’t seem to want to hurt them, either, Alvarez said, but kept insisting he did it for his daughter.

The man begged to be released so he could kiss the daughter one last time.

“He wasn’t trying to punch us; he just seemed like someone who had run out of options,” Alvarez said Friday evening. “I think back now and wonder what the hell was I doing? I should of hit him and knocked him out.”

Alvarez said he eventually got the suspect in a body lock and chokehold, and the clerk called the police.

Police arrested Luis Rosales, 31, at the scene. Authorities said a loaded 9-millimeter handgun and the money from the cash register were found inside Rosales’ backpack.”

h/t: The UG, LA Times

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