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Added June 14th, 2011 by Matt

MMA Heavyweight Rankings
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Updating our MMA Heavyweight Rankings for June.

  1. Cain Velasquez- Sits atop the heavyweight pile for now. Will he be there after his fight with Junior dos Santos? Time will tell.
  2. Junior dos Santos- Dominant combination of speed and power, and even showed some wrestling in the Carwin fight. He better keep working on it — he’ll need it when he faces Velasquez.
  3. Alistair Overeem- The Reem is the hardest heavyweight to rank. He could be #1 if he was more active, but he also could be revealed. The Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix and his upcoming fight against Werdum will give us a more accurate reading. For now, #3 seems about right.
  4. Antonio Silva- I do remember that Werdum beat Silva. But out of the remaining spots, no one’s been more impressive of late. Silva annihilated Fedor and got rocked by Mike Kyle and came back to knock him out.
  5. Frank Mir- I can hear a lot of you laughing right now. But Mir just keeps fighting and winning. The losses to Lesnar and Carwin are in the rear-view mirror now. If Carwin and Lesnar were more active, perhaps they would rank above Mir.
  6. Fabricio Werdum- Color me a skeptic. Props for being the first Fedor slayer. But more telling will be his performance against Overeem this weekend.
  7. Shane Carwin- Tough losses to two of the best heavyweights should not take away from the fact that Carwin is one big right hand away from ending any fight. He’ll be back.
  8. Brock Lesnar- Lesnar went from the baddest SOB on the planet to one of the biggest question marks in the division. Who knows when he will fight again — if ever. Add to that the two beatings he took in his last 2 fights and it’s hard to put him higher than 8th right now.
  9. Fedor Emelianenko- Is this the last time Fedor appears in a top-10 ranking? It could be. Back to back losses, talk of retirement and a wealth of huge heavyweights have taken down the former king of MMA.
  10. Brendan Schaub- At this point it is based more on potential, but Schaub is a dynamic heavyweight that is always exciting in the cage. The fight with Big Nog in Brazil could make him contender material.

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