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MLB franchises rise in value 48 per cent over past year – SportsUntapped.com
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MLB franchises rise in value 48 per cent over past year
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According to Forbes magazine, Major League Baseball clubs have risen in value by an incredible 48 per cent over the past 12 months. The latest survey shows that the average worth of a major league ball club is now $1.2 billion each. This of course is the biggest increase since Forbes started tracking team values back in 1998. Last year there were five clubs worth at least $1 billion and this year there’s a record 15 of them with the New York Yankees leading the way at $3.2 billion.

The Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL share the title of being the most valuable sports franchises in North America. Spanish La Liga soccer club Real Madrid is ranked as the most valuable franchise in the world at $3.44 billion. The Yankees have topped MLB in value for the past 18 years while the Los Angeles Dodgers are next at $2.4 billion and they’re number one n attendance with 3.78 million spectators last year. The San Francisco Giants were the biggest winners over the past year as they doubled in value from $1 billion to $2 billion. It shouldn’t come as a huge shock since the Giants have won the World Series three times in the past five years.

The 30 MLB teams are raking in a lot of their money via the league’s new TV broadcasting agreement. The league raked in revenues of $7.86 billion last year with 37 per cent of it or $2.88 billion being from broadcasting rights. Five years ago the TV money accounted for 29 per cent of the league’s revenue. The league’s national contract is worth $12.4 billion for eight years which is an increase of over 100 per cent compared to their previous deal.

Some MLB owners have made more money than they ever could have imagined over the years. For example, Steinbrenners paid just $8.8 million for the New York Yankees back in 1973 and the value of the team has skyrocketed to $3.2 billion. In Detroit, Mike Ilitch reportedly dished out $82 million when he bought the Tigers and the club is now valued at $1.125 billion. In addition, the Los Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals are all now worth more than $1 billion more than the last time they were bought. This of course, means the current owners have made a minimum of $1 billion in profit, at least on paper that is.

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